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UAE Interplanetary Probe Successfully Launched To Mars

UAE Interplanetary Probe Successfully Launched To Mars

The H-IIA launch vehicle with the Al Amal space station of the United Arab Emirates successfully launched from the Tanegashima spaceport. The goal of the mission is to explore the atmosphere and climate of Mars. The broadcast was conducted on the mission's website.

The launch was successful: the vehicle separated from the launch vehicle at an altitude of 430 km and continued to move along the specified trajectory.

The device weighing about 1,350 kg was created in collaboration with the UAE Space Agency, the Mohammed bin Rashid Space center, and three American universities. It is equipped with two solar panels, a multi-channel high-resolution camera, and infrared and ultraviolet spectrometers.

The main task of the EMM (Emirates Mars Mission) mission is to study the Martian atmosphere and climate. In particular, using the al Amal probe, scientists plan to observe weather cycles on the planet, as well as dust storms that greatly affect the weather. Using the data obtained, experts expect to find out how the atmosphere of Mars has changed during its existence.

The probe is expected to enter Mars orbit in February 2021. Mission specialists plan that the device will be in the orbit of the planet for one Martian year (687 earth days).

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