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Bloomberg Learned About The Russian Elite's Access To The COVID Vaccine In April

Bloomberg Learned About The Russian Elite's Access To The COVID Vaccine In April

The Agency claims that during the closed program, top managers, civil servants, and business owners received the coronavirus vaccine in April. Some refused it.

Top managers of Russian companies and government officials were already provided with an experimental vaccine developed by the Gamalei research Institute of epidemiology and Microbiology in April, according to Bloomberg, referring to the participants of the program, who asked for anonymity.

One of the Agency's interlocutors — a researcher who is aware of what is happening-claims that a total of several hundred people participated in the vaccination program. According to him, it was decided not to advertise it, to avoid the influx of potential people who want to protect themselves from coronavirus infection. Bloomberg points out that the source is aware of several dozen who vaccinated.

According to the Agency, top managers of UC Rusal were among those who received the vaccine. It is claimed that they also offered a vaccination to representatives of PhosAgro: according to the publication, they are still considering the offer. Both companies declined to comment on the Agency.

The publication points out that it is still not clear on what principle the vaccine was distributed. It is claimed that participation in the program was free, and the vaccinated signed papers that they knew about the possible risks. At the same time, businessmen interviewed by Bloomberg said that they suffered the consequences of vaccination in different ways. Some had a fever and sore muscles, and one top Manager didn't notice any side effects.

At the same time, some top managers refused to participate in the program. They decided that the vaccine should first be tested on volunteers. One of the businessmen said that he refused because the doctor explained to him that it would take a year to understand the effects of the vaccine on the body.

"Currently, clinical trials of the vaccine created by the Gamalei research center are underway; accordingly, the vaccine was used on volunteers who are official participants in the trials. The vaccine did not enter the civil circulation," Assistant Minister of Health Alexey Kuznetsov told.

Formal tests of the vaccine against the coronavirus in humans started in mid-June. The first group to which it was introduced consisted of 18 people. The second group was given the drug a few days after the results of the first clinical trials allowed the research to continue.

On Monday, July 20, the last group of volunteers will be discharged from the Burdenko military hospital. The head of the 48th Central Research Institute of the armed forces of the Russian armed forces, Sergei Borisevich, in an interview with "red star," said that this is 20 people and that the participants of the program were identified with antibodies.

In mid-June, the head of RDIF Kirill Dmitriev said in an interview with RBC that he volunteered and received a vaccine developed at the Gamalei research Institute. At the same time, he noted that mass vaccination will take place and will be completed next year. "International experience shows that to stop the epidemic, about 60% of the population must be vaccinated," he said.

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