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The Authorities Of Oregon Demanded That Trump Withdraw Security Forces From The Protest-Ridden Portland

The Authorities Of Oregon Demanded That Trump Withdraw Security Forces From The Protest-Ridden Portland

The Governor of the US state of Oregon, Kate Brown, demanded on Saturday to withdraw Federal government units from the city of Portland and stop detaining protesters in connection with the death in Minneapolis (Minnesota) of African-American George Floyd. Brown wrote on Twitter.

The Governor called the actions of armed Federal law enforcement officers in Portland "an intrusion and blatant abuse of power by the Federal government." "This is completely unacceptable. For the Trump administration, this is another opportunity to pose for cameras in the political theater, " Brown continued, accusing the administration of President Donald Trump of seeking to provoke a further escalation of tension on the streets of the city.

A similar position was expressed by the mayor of Portland, Ted Wheeler. Oregon attorney Billy Williams threatened to investigate the appearance of Federal law enforcement officers in the city in masks, camouflage, and without identification badges.

The US customs and border protection service confirmed to CNN that its employees are also detaining protesters in the city. "Violent anarchists organized events in Portland with the intent to damage or destroy Federal property, as well as injure our employees and agents. We will not tolerate such criminal actions, " the service said.

The acting head of the US Department of homeland security, Chad wolf, has repeatedly warned about the readiness of the interior Ministry to take such situations in cities under control and restore public order. Employees of the Ministry are required to protect buildings of "Federal agencies, monuments, and statues of Federal significance," wolf recalled.

Mass protests and riots across the country swept the United States after the death of African-American George Floyd in Minneapolis (Minnesota). The police used a hard chokehold during his arrest on May 25. Floyd died in the hospital afterward. All four police officers involved in the arrest were dismissed and charged.

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