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Demonstrators In Bangkok Demanded That The Parliament Be Dissolved, And The Constitution Be Rewritten

Demonstrators In Bangkok Demanded That The Parliament Be Dissolved, And The Constitution Be Rewritten

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered on Saturday near the democracy Monument in the Thai capital. The protesters called on the government to dissolve the Parliament and rewrite the current Constitution. The rally was the first major political demonstration since most restrictions imposed in the Kingdom due to the coronavirus pandemic were lifted.

The event was organized by the Free youth group, the Bangkok Post newspaper said. The peaceful demonstration took place despite the fact that the state of emergency, which prohibits actions involving large numbers of people, continues to operate until July 31. Police officers were on duty at the scene, who monitored the observance of law and order, and the rally passed without incident.

One of the leaders of the demonstration, calling on everyone to sing the national anthem together, said that "none of those gathered here hate the nation." At the same time, the main demands of the audience were to dissolve the Parliament, change the Constitution, and stop the persecution of the opposition. The rally was organized in particular via Twitter, and potential participants were reminded of the need for protective masks.

The head of the "Free youth" Tattep Ryangpraraykitseri, speaking at the rally, pointed to the recent case of an Egyptian military delegation, among whose members were found infected with the coronavirus. "About 500 thousand of us lose their jobs. The outbreak was almost stopped, but the government lifted the bans and allowed infected VIP guests to pass, " he said.

"Stop harassing people and dissolve the House of Representatives (the lower house of Parliament), because the government is completely ineffective. In addition, we have the Constitution of 2017, which extends the powers of the ruling power. Therefore, the third thing we need to do is to create a new document that really belongs to people," concluded Ryangpraraykitseri.

During the rally, the opposition group Rap Against Dictatorship ("Rap against dictatorship") performed several songs. In conclusion, one of the activists asked the audience to turn on their mobile phone lights and point them at the sculpture of the Constitution, "to show how dark it has become." After that, the protesters chanted: "[Prime Minister] Prayut Chan-o-cha leave!". The rally organizers promised to stay at the monument overnight, demanding that the government respond to their three demands by morning. The activists give the authorities two weeks to respond; otherwise, they promise to organize a new multi-day demonstration.

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