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Microsoft Is Discontinuing The Production Of The Xbox One X

Microsoft Is Discontinuing The Production Of The Xbox One X

Preparations for the release of a new-generation game console, the Xbox Series X-forced Microsoft to abandon the production of two of the three models of the Xbox One. "Under the knife" was more expensive and productive Xbox One X, as well as devoid of optical disk drive "budget" Xbox One S All-Digital Edition.

At the same time, the production and sales of the usual Xbox One S will continue, writes the Verge with reference to a representative of Microsoft. In recent weeks, there have been reports of a shortage of Xbox One X and Xbox One S at retail amid increased demand for video game consoles due to the pandemic. Microsoft said that many retailers have enough inventory of all console models for some time.

It also became known what the future Series X will be inferior to the current version of the Xbox. The new product will not be compatible with the Kinect controller — games that require It will simply not work. As confirmed in response to a request from the Verge, the head of Xbox direction Phil Spencer, to ensure compatibility of the Xbox Series X with Kinect "impossible." Previously, Microsoft strongly emphasized the continuity of generations of consoles and compatibility of the Series X with "almost all" games for Xbox One.

The Xbox Series X is expected to go on sale at the end of the year — the same time as its main competitor, Sony's PlayStation 5. The console is completely different from its predecessors — the body is square in plan, elongated in height. Replacing a mechanical hard drive with an SSD with an NVMe interface will speed up the loading of games and levels in them. The Series X will provide game resolutions of up to 8K and frame rates of up to 120 per second, support for floating frame rates and ray tracing technology. Sony revealed what the PlayStation 5 would look like in June.

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