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Pirates Kidnapped 13 Members Of The Russian-Ukrainian Crew From A Tanker In The Gulf Of Guinea

Pirates Kidnapped 13 Members Of The Russian-Ukrainian Crew From A Tanker In The Gulf Of Guinea

The pirates took 13 crew members, consisting of 19 citizens of Russia and Ukraine, hostage from the Curacao Trader tanker in the Gulf of Guinea, according to Alison Management, which manages the ship.

"The tanker was attacked by pirates on July 17, 210 nautical miles off the coast of Benin at 11:00 local time (13:00 Moscow time), - quotes the company's statement in the publication "Marine Bulletin." "The ship is currently drifting with limited capabilities [in handling]." According to the company, a Frio Chikuma refrigerator truck is moving to help the tanker. The vessels are expected to meet at noon.

The landing of pirates on Board Curacao Trader was reported on July 17 by Dryad Global, a portal specializing in Maritime security issues. According to him, eight-armed pirates boarded the tanker. The portal indicates that never before have hostage-taking in the Gulf of Guinea been carried out at such a remote distance from the coast. In his opinion, a large vessel was involved in the criminal operation.

A Liberian-flagged tanker capable of carrying both oil and liquid chemicals has left the port of Lome (Togo). It was attacked 230 nautical miles South of the Nigerian city of Lagos. The ship is owned by Curacao Trader Shipping.

The Russian embassies in Nigeria and Benin reported that they are taking the necessary actions to find out the circumstances of the incident.

The Gulf of Guinea, which stretches from Senegal in Northern Africa to Angola in the South, has become the most dangerous region on the planet in terms of threats from sea robbers. In the first quarter of this year, 45% of global piracy cases were recorded there. The peculiarity of the actions of criminals in this Bay is the fact that they take crew members as hostages for further ransom. According to the International Maritime Bureau, in 2019, 90% of the abductions of seafarers from ships were in the Gulf of Guinea.

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