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Hainan Is Investing More Than $42 Million To Support The Island's Industrial Cities And Villages

Hainan Is Investing More Than $42 Million To Support The Island's Industrial Cities And Villages

The authorities of the southern Chinese province of Hainan allocated 300 million yuan (about $ 42.8 million) for the modernization of rural areas and industrial cities of the island, according to the news portal "Nangyuan."

According to him, 200 million yuan (about $28.52 million) will be allocated to support cities. According to the plan, the authorities will select 30 localities with the greatest potential for industrial development. Each city will be allocated about 7 million yuan (about $1 million). Another 100 million yuan (about $14.26 million) will be spent on the development of 185 villages, each of which will receive more than 500 thousand yuan (about $71.43 thousand). The Funds will be used for the construction of infrastructure and public facilities.

In 2016, the Hainan authorities launched a program to build 100 industrial cities and 1,000 beautiful villages on the island. Its main goal is to improve infrastructure, as well as promote the development of the region's tourism industry and attract even more Chinese and foreign travelers.

As previously reported portal "Nangyuan," the program not only supports the modernization of rural areas and small towns of the province but also contributes to the popularity of local products. So, in recent years, dragon fruit grown near the city of Dongfang in the West of the province, coffee from the small County of Xinglong in the South-East of the island, tea from Baisha County in the Eastern part of Hainan and other goods have become famous. According to the portal, more than 70 cities in the province are currently connected to the program. Besides, by the end of this year, it is planned to complete the modernization of 1 thousand villages.

By 2025, the authorities have set the goal of turning Hainan into an "international center of tourism and consumption." The Chinese island is often referred to as "Eastern Hawaii" - natural landscapes, rainforests, a developed network of hotels combined with beaches and coastline stretching more than 1,9 thousand km attract guests from the most remote parts of the world.

Last year, the island was visited by more than 83 million Chinese and foreign tourists, the revenue of the province's tourism industry increased by 11%, to 105 billion yuan (about $14.89 billion).

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