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Michelle Obama Will Host A Podcast On Spotify

Michelle Obama Will Host A Podcast On Spotify

Former first lady Michelle Obama will host a podcast on Spotify. She announced this on Twitter.

As Obama noted, the program will focus on topics that relate to important relationships between people. The first issue will be released on July 29.

The former first lady noted that she intends to invite, in particular, close relatives, friends, and colleagues to the program. "We will discuss relationships that allow us to be ourselves," she said. "We will talk about the difficulties faced by parents and spouses, their joys, and the friendship that helps them cope with the most difficult periods."

According to Obama, among the topics that will be discussed on the program, the new coronavirus pandemic and the rights of blacks in the United States. "I hope that this podcast will help us find answers to the questions that everyone cares about," the former first lady added.

Michelle Obama and her husband, Barack Obama, owns the production company Higher Ground Productions. In 2019, she signed an agreement with Spotify to record podcasts. The former first lady in January 2020 received a Grammy award in the category "Best spoken word album" for her published, including on audio media, memoir called "Becoming" (Becoming).

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