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A Seoul Court Has Refused To Grant The Police Access To The Call List Of Park Won-Soon

A Seoul Court Has Refused To Grant The Police Access To The Call List Of Park Won-Soon

The Central Court of the South Korean capital has rejected a police request to grant access to a list of phone calls made by the capital's mayor, Park Won-soon, before his death last week, according to the Police Department of the country.

Earlier, the investigation asked the court to issue a warrant to get access to the call history of three phones registered in the name of the mayor. However, the court did not grant this request due to the lack of a clear motivational part, in particular, whether the death of Park Won-soon was related to any crime, such as murder.

According to preliminary data, the mayor of Seoul committed suicide. Earlier, the police reported that they found no signs of violent death, and the government of the metropolis published a suicide note left by the mayor, in which he asked for forgiveness from citizens and families.

The 64-year-old mayor's body was found on June 9 in Pugaksan Park in Central Seoul after a seven-hour search involving several hundred police officers, dogs, and special drones.

The day before Park Won-soon's death, a former subordinate of the mayor filed a report with the police, in which she claimed that for several years she had been harassed by him in the form of Intrusive physical contacts and sending obscene messages in messengers. At the same time, several experts believe that the death of the mayor may be related to his steps to restore order in the real estate market, as well as the fight against coronavirus, in particular with the closure of many churches.

Park Won-soon, a well-known philanthropist and human rights activist, was a member of the ruling Toburo Democratic party and was re-elected three times as mayor of Seoul. Many considered him a potential candidate for the 2022 presidential election. Park Won-soon was extremely popular among the residents of Seoul due to his professional and personal qualities.

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