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Apple Will Add An Emoji With The Image Of A Nesting Doll In iOS 14

Apple Will Add An Emoji With The Image Of A Nesting Doll In iOS 14

Apple will add a new Emoji with the image of a nesting doll in iOS 14, according to Apple Russia.

"World Emoji Day, in honor of this event, Apple is introducing new Memoji and Emoji, which will be available in the fall along with an operating system update. The Memoji collection will be updated with new masks, hats, and hairstyles, as well as new stickers. The Emoji family will also be replenished, including a matryoshka," the company said.

In addition to the matryoshka doll, the collection of Emoji signs for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch will be supplemented by bubble tea, the Italian gesture Ma Che Vuo (translated from Italian "what do you want?"), boomerang, Dodo bird, transgender symbol, beaver, anatomical heart and lungs, ninja and other signs.

The company also noted that in iOS 14, there would be even more ways to create your unique image with Memoji due to new customization options.

"The improved structure of facial expressions makes Memoji and stickers even more expressive to convey the maximum amount of emotions in messages. Additionally, there will be 11 new hairstyles and 19 new hats, including a nurse's cap, a Bicycle helmet, and a square academic cap. As well as three new stickers for friendly greetings, hugs and even embarrassment," it added.

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