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White Castle To Introduce A Robot For Cooking 160 Burgers Per Hour

White Castle To Introduce A Robot For Cooking 160 Burgers Per Hour

A chain of fast-food restaurants in the United States, White Castle, will try to introduce a robot for cooking burgers. To do this, she joined forces with miso Robotics, a startup based in Pasadena, California.

The project is still experimental and will be implemented only in one of the institutions in Chicago (Illinois) in September this year. "We are excited to secure the future of our kitchen with solutions that will transform our industry and allow White Castle to serve many future generations," the chain's CEO, Lisa Ingram, said in a statement.

The automated assistant developed by the startup was named Flippy and is equipped with artificial intelligence (AI) element. The robot can layout a semi-finished product on a hot surface and flip the Burger. According to Miso Robotics, the robot uses thermal sensors to determine the degree of roasting of chopped cutlets and prevent food poisoning. It is also required to minimize the contact of a worker of a public catering with food.

Flippy cooks about 160 burgers an hour, and thanks to artificial intelligence makes it better and better each time. The robot's disadvantages include the inability to heat the cheese, slice the remaining ingredients, and form a ready-made sandwich. So far, only people can do this.

According to the portal TechCrunch, Vice President of the network Jamie Richardson assured that the introduction of new products would not lead to optimization of production and dismissal of employees. On Flippy pin hopes in terms of reducing the cooking time.

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