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Gigi Hadid Spoke About Her Pregnancy For The First Time

Gigi Hadid Spoke About Her Pregnancy For The First Time

Back in April, it became known that model Gigi Hadid and her boyfriend Zayn Malik are preparing to become parents. But since then, Gigi has never appeared in public, which is quite understandable for security reasons, but she also did not share with her followers any photos that would show her figure. Yesterday, the girl took to Instagram live to talk about her collaboration with V Magazine, and, of course, could not avoid questions about her situation.

"Right now I just want to experience it and I write in my journal a lot and I just don’t want to worry about waking up every day and look cute and post something," Gigi said.

The supermodel also told why she doesn't focus on her pregnancy. "I think many people don't understand why I don't share news about my condition. But I am pregnant during the pandemic, my situation is obviously not the most important thing in the world," Hadid said, adding that many events taking place in the world, such as the fight against Covid-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement, in her opinion, clearly deserve more attention than her pregnancy.

But all this does not mean that fans of the model will not see her photo in the position: "I take a lot of photos with my stomach and send them to friends and family, it's very cute and exciting. I try to document this period carefully because many people tell me not to miss this moment." Gigi promised to share the results of the photo sessions later, but for now, she is enjoying the moment and what is not insight: "I write a lot in my diary and just don't want to worry about waking up every day during pregnancy and thinking how to look cute or post something," Hadid said.

Gigi also showed off her stomach on live TV, saying that it is not so visible in full face, and added that she can't wear anything but linen things.

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