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Gmail Will Get A Redesign In The Style Of Corporate Messenger Slack

Gmail Will Get A Redesign In The Style Of Corporate Messenger Slack

Google is preparing a response to the attempts of Slack and other corporate messengers to take a place in workflows that previously belonged entirely to email. The company said that it planned the largest redesign of Gmail and its other products for teamwork.

The need for changes that will affect the "cloud" Suite of services is explained by the transition of millions of users around the world to remote work and the lack of flexibility, as well as low integration of existing solutions for intra-corporate communications. "We integrate key tools: video, chat, email, files, and tasks, and improve them all to make it easier for you to control what is happening wherever you are," the official Google Cloud blog says.

Gmail will be the basis for integration. The desktop version already has a built-in Google Chat-now you can support conversations in it from the Gmail mobile apps for iOS and Android. In the chats themselves, you will be able to quickly access documents and other files in the Google Drive cloud service, as well as a tool for creating conversations with users from other companies. A similar alternative to the email was recently announced by Slack.

In the next stages of updating Gmail, users will be able to forward chats by email to their Inbox, search for chats without leaving Gmail, set the "do not disturb" status, and so on. Later, Gmail plans to integrate Google Meet group video communication in the "picture-in-picture" mode. Also, video calls can be made directly from Google Docs documents.

The update is currently being tested by some major Google clients, including Colgate-Palmolive and ATB Financial, and later this week all g Suite corporate users will be able to try the pre-release version. A large-scale deployment for all G Suite clients should occur before the end of the year, and there is no information about when and in what form the changes will affect regular, non-corporate Gmail mail.

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