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Apple Would Likely Replace iPhone 12 Charging Cables With More Reliable Ones

Apple Would Likely Replace iPhone 12 Charging Cables With More Reliable Ones

The disappearance of the headphones and charger from the box with the next-generation iPhone will not be the only change in the package. As MacRumors writes with reference to the publication of ChargerLAB in the Chinese social network Weibo, a new, more durable cable for charging and syncing with the computer will be put in the box to the smartphone.

Images published by ChargerLAB show a fabric-wrapped USB-C Lightning cable. It is claimed that this is a "native" Apple accessory, which will be completed with all models of the "iPhone 12." The cables that Apple supplied with the iPhone were criticized by many for their rapid wear and tear, especially when the rubber coating near one of the connectors was torn.

Besides, the lightning connector contacts could oxidize after a year or two, which led to complete or partial failure of the accessory. This problem, according to ChargerLAB, Apple also solved — the new cable contacts are covered with rhodium, which should make them more durable.

The length of the cable that was at the disposal of ChargerLAB is 1.05 meters, and the thickness is 3.04 mm. That is, the new cord is slightly thicker and longer than its predecessor. Tests have shown that the accessory meets the made for Apple brand certification standard and allows you to charge the iPhone 11 Pro at maximum speed.

Apple already produces fabric-wrapped cables — such as the Thunderbolt Pro cable or the black Lightning cable that comes with the Mac Pro desktop computer. The power cable of the HomePod smart speaker is similarly protected.

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