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Mail.Ru Group Has Developed Virtual TV Hosts

Mail.Ru Group Has Developed Virtual TV Hosts

Company Group has announced the launch of an artificial intelligence-based Announcer platform that allows you to "create Studio-quality news and reportage videos in a few clicks." The new feature is already available as part of the 'Watch' service"

The tool does not require video editing skills. Users only need to upload the text, after which the system will do everything itself. Additionally, you can choose the appearance of the presenter, change the background of the Studio, create a slide show, add music, or attach a link. The resulting video can be saved to your computer or shared in social networks.

The company expects that the new tool will be used by all participants of the media market - from bloggers to major media outlets to create video clips in a short time in a television format. "The announcers look and talk like real people: when reading the news, they realistically reproduce their facial expressions, react emotionally and place semantic accents," they say Group.

To create the virtual TV presenters, the company used its own technologies. A speech engine created by the team of the voice assistant "Marusia" was used for voice synthesis, and computer vision systems were used to synchronize the video sequence with a speech in real-time.

Video viewing is growing. According to forecasts, by 2022, 79% of all Internet traffic in Russia will be on online video — said Yegor Ganin, Deputy Vice President of the company. — But video production is a complex and expensive process that most media resources can't afford. In the editor from See, you can create news and reportage videos in high quality and absolutely free of charge. We are confident that our technology will increase the amount of high-quality news video content.

Samsung also has a project to create "digital people." Previously, the Internet got a video that shows the movements of other virtual avatars, and they look like real people, not computer animation. The company believes that" a digital person can become a part of our daily life: a virtual news anchor, a virtual administrator, or even a movie star created by artificial intelligence."

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