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The UK Has Conceded To The US Demands Not To Allow Huawei To Access 5G Networks

The UK Has Conceded To The US Demands Not To Allow Huawei To Access 5G Networks

On Tuesday, the UK authorities announced that they would ban the use of Huawei equipment in the construction of infrastructure for fifth-generation communication networks, according to the New York Times; this is a victory for the administration of Donald Trump. Washington has long insisted that European allies apply the same restrictions to the Chinese IT giant as the US.

London changed its decision on cooperation with Huawei, made in January. Then, the UK allowed limited use in the 5G infrastructure of the Chinese company's products. However, political pressure on Prime Minister Boris Johnson at home played a role, as did new restrictions imposed by the US against Huawei in May. As a result, the UK decided to increase confrontation with China.

Perhaps, writes the publication, influenced the position of the country's leadership and recent steps by Beijing in relation to Hong Kong. A new law introduced penalties for residents of this territory for criticizing the Chinese authorities and allowed them to be extradited to mainland China. Until 1997, Hong Kong was a British colony, after which the territory was transferred to China with the condition of preserving the existing socio-economic order, as well as observing the rights and freedoms of citizens.

Critics of Huawei warn that the company is closely linked to the Chinese government, and Beijing may use its network equipment to spy on or disrupt critical infrastructure. The day before in Paris, Donald trump's national security adviser, Robert O'Brien, held meetings in Paris with colleagues from Britain, France, Germany, and Italy on relations with China.

As a result, today the UK government announced that new purchases of Huawei equipment for the construction of 5G networks in the country will be banned from December 2020, and by 2027, the already installed equipment should be replaced by analogs from other manufacturers.

"The facts have changed, and our approach has changed with them," said Oliver Dowden, Minister for digital, culture, media and sport, speaking in the house of Commons. According to him, the decision was not easy, but it is correct from the point of view of national security and economic interests.

At the same time, critics of the ban on the use of Huawei products note that it will seriously increase the cost of building fifth-generation communication networks across the country and delay this process for about two years. It is Huawei that now offers the most affordable solutions for 5g deployment.

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