Best electric scooter for 2021 Best 2022 electric wheelchair for 2521

Best electric scooter for 2021 Best 2022 electric wheelchair for 2521 ...

If you're looking for a quick way to get around town while also reducing your carbon emissions, an e-bike or electric scooter may be the answer. These electric bike and scooter systems are ideal for short-distance travel, especially considering that public transit systems make it difficult to social distance. And, to be clear, the devices on this electric scooter review list are no different from the kids' scooter you may have grown up with. These are legitimate electric vehicles with solid tires, a sophisticated brake system, an extensive battery pack, and the ability to tackle semi-tumble terrain.

After trying out a variety of battery-operated rideables, I've learned incredibly much. Some of these rides were tested earlier, while others are more recent -- all have been on trips through portions of midtown Manhattan, around Central Park, or down the West Side Highway bike path.

This list, which I'll update as I review more products, includes electric two-wheelers, foldable electric scooter options, and skateboard-like devices. Why would you want a scooter over? Electric scooters are more agile and smaller, and are easy to use on public transportation, leave in the trunk of your car, or store at home.

I've included water-resistance ratings for each electric scooter when they're available. IP ratings (IP stands for ingress protection) tell you whether a product is dust or water resistant. For example, if something has an IP54 rating, the first number after the letters refers to solids resistance, while the second refer to moisture resistance.

I'll admit, and we won't make a big deal of it, that I have exceeded the rated weight capacity for most of these items. They all performed as expected, though with a little less range or speed. During this roundup, no devices were damaged.

Lastly, if you plan on becoming involved in rideables, be careful. Leave plenty of space between yourself and cars and riders on simple human-powered bikes and scooters. Remember, you're able to move a lot faster, so ride and pass with caution. Make sure to charge your battery and check on your tires. Always wear a helmet while you ride.

The perfect Storm!

Joseph Kaminski, Jr., is a native of Joseph Caminowski.

The Dualtron Storm isn't a last-mile electric scooter, it's merely sleeve-your-car-at-home. From the moment I first touched it to more than 1,500 miles later, it still amazes me with its power. Easily able to achieve 50-plus miles per hour and reach 40mph in its energy-saving Eco mode, this scooter is unrivaled.

The Storm can support riders weighing up to 330 pounds, and when I say "support" I mean both the build and the motors. A lot of products claim to support certain weights, but performance takes a severe hit when they're pushed too far. The Storm and its two 1,500-watt hub motors do not have that capability.

The scooter is rated to travel 80 miles on a full charge, and I believe this is possible for disciplined riders that maintain slow speeds (15 to 25mph), depending on rider frame and terrain. Its massive battery can take up to 19 hours to charge with the standard charger. But the firm does offer a fast charger that can charge in as little as 7 hours. This electric scooter has a lithium-ion battery pack of 72 volts, allowing it to charge at 31.5 amps (3,024Wh), and it has two charging ports for quicker charging.

The Storm scooter model has a wide deck, rear signal lights, horn, and deck lights that can be customized via the supplied remote. All the lights make it very visible in low-light conditions, which is good because scooters are notoriously difficult to spot in traffic. To put this big scooter and its 11-inch tubeless tires to a stop, Nutt hydraulic 160mm disc brakes are used. While it may be big, the handlebars and stem may easily be folded down, making it smaller than a car trunk. Dualtron Strom is the best for beginning riders, while Dualhorn Thunder is a great choice for beginners.

The price is as high as the scooter itself, but you get a great riding experience in return. You're also signing up for a great community that is great for sharing tips, customizations, and meet-ups for all riders.

Read our Dualtron Storm hands-on video.

USA MiniMotors has a $4,490 price tag.

High-end features and extras at a competitive price.

Joseph Kaminski, who is now a teacher, is able to explain Joseph Caminsky's work to Joseph Kainkowski, aka Joseph Kominski.

The Eagle One makes this list because Varla found a way to produce dependable electric scooter with similar specs to many currently on the market, while still keeping the price competitive. And it even comes with some cool accessories.

The 77-pound scooter rolls on 10-inch pneumatic tires, with two 1,000-watt brushless motors powered by a big 52-volt, 18.2Ah lithium-Ion battery. Rated top speed: 40 mph. My heavier girlfriend jumped on and hit 37 mph. I was only able to get up to about 33 kph. The Eagle One supports a total weight of 330 pounds but is recommended for riders weighing up to 265 pounds.

On a single charge you can get up to 40 miles of travel, but I only reached about half of that. I ride, though, switching between dual- and single-motor modes and staying in its top gear. Staying with a single motor and traveling at slower speeds will always get you farther, but I like squeezing in mph. The scooter model can be charged in about eight hours with a single charger and just under five hours connected to .

The Varla Eagle One shares a lot of similarities with its high-end rivals. Three gears, single- or dual-motor modes, and an Eco button to help conserve battery life, make the vehicle ideal for battery conservation. Dual-spring suspension, a wide deck with front and rear lights, and dual hydraulic brakes that outperform their wired counterparts and require less maintenance are also available. It even has a USB port in the odometer to charge your phone while you ride.

Varla also includes extra gear such as three additional grip tapes with different designs (I'm currently using one with a flaming skull), tether, wrist guards, elbow and knee pads, and padded elbows and feet. All you'll need is a helmet and you are ready to go.

Varla, $1,699. $1.69

Ghost be quick, Ghost are nimble, and Ghost may be agile.

Joseph Kaminski is a native of Joseph Kaminski, and he is the author of "The Great Kaminki".

The Apollo Ghost is a great scooter for both beginners and long-time riders. With dual 800-watt motors, beginners may start slowly, using only one for smoother, softer acceleration. Once you get a feel for it, you may turn on the second motor for 1,600 watts of power and more aggressive performance.

Due to its comparatively smaller size and its 10-inch pneumatic tires, The Ghost feels light and responsive. It also has front and rear spring suspensions, which allow the scooter to move smoothly even on bumpy surfaces. It was one of the few scooters I've tested that was fast enough for me but could be dialed back for my 12-year-old son to ride and chic enough to be used by my girlfriend. The deck was long enough to take my 7-year-old daughter on errands with me.

The scooter is strong, mostly constructed of forged aluminum, and it only weighs 64 pounds. While it's only 13 pounds lighter than the 77-pound higher-end Apollo Pro, believe me, it makes a huge difference when you're carrying it for any length of time. The handlebars and steering tube are collapsible, making it easy to transport. I like the high handlebars that make it easier for taller riders like me to ride, as well as the locking ergonomic grips, which are a nice touch.

Riders weighing up to 300 pounds are supported and the scooter can reach a top speed of 34 mph. There are three gear modes, as well as an Eco mode. The Ghost can travel for up to 39 miles on a full charge depending on the rider's size, terrain, and setting preference. I was able to get about 20-plus miles switching from single to dual-motor mode. The scooter's 52-volt, 18.2aH battery can be charged in about eight to ten hours. There is also an option to reduce charge time by using a single fast charger or two standard ones. The Scooter itself has two charging ports.

The model I tested had mechanical disc brakes, but Apollo claims that a hydraulic-brake version will be released this spring. The Ghost has lights on the front and rear of the deck, and the rear lights flash when braking. They help at night, but at this level I'd like to see an actual headlight up near the handlebars. (For models without a headlight, I use Countdown 1600 light from BSI so I can see more of the road ahead and am more visible to drivers.) The Ghost has a blue light beneath, which helps with visibility and looks cool. It also includes a bell to warn pedestrians, but it doesn't quite cut it in the city where horns are almost obscene.

A display next to the finger throttle shows battery level, current speed, gear you're in, and distance traveled. It's also visible in direct sunlight, and it even has a USB port to charge e-mail or GoPro. The battery is also monitored via a voltage display. The Ghost has a key ignition and spots to mount ear locks on the frame for extra protection while running errands. While I wouldn't leave it out in the rain, the Ghost has an IP54 rating, so some splashing isn''re unlikely. Plus, it has small front and rear fenders to keep you safe.

Apollo offers free shipping to the continental United States and Canada. A Canadian firm with multiple service centers in the US, it backs its products with a one-year warranty. And if for any reason you want to call it, you can speak with a real person.

There's a lot to like about this place. I even like the kickstand placement in the center of the deck, which is more convenient when you step off rather than at the back.

Learn more about the Ghost and see it in action here.

Apollo Apollo is a $1,499 store.

Like something out of the Jetsons?

Joseph Kaminski/CNET Joseph Kaminski (Cnet Joseph-Kaminowski/PhD) Joseph Caminsky/Getty Images Joseph Campbell/ CNET

There's something addictive about riding around town without having to use your hands for support or simply jumping on and off your ride. That's what you'll get with the InMotion V10F, a simple and reliable piece of transportation technology that're primarily geared toward small, fast, and easy-to-carry electric vehicles.

The V10F is an electric unicycle that packs a lot of punch in its 45-pound frame. It has a 2,000-watt motor powered by 960Wh batteries that can move you and its 16-inch wheel up to 25 mph (I was able to go 24 % in my testing). It's designed to travel up to 60 miles on a single charge; it takes about eight hours to charge the battery. Because of my large frame and need for speed, I managed to get about a quarter of that distance. It can support rider weights of up to 260 pounds.

The unicycle is built to self-balance forward and back, while the rider is responsible for the side to side transitions. Once you gain a little momentum, the side to side transitions are easy. It's easier to learn than you might imagine. If you hold onto something (such as a handrail), you can then slowly go back and forth just 0.1 inches to get accustomed to its responsiveness and balance. There are plenty of videos online that can explain how to mount and dismount along with other tips and tricks.

When I first started riding, I let some air out of the tire so it wouldn't accelerate too quickly. This makes turning a little more difficult, so once you get the hang of it, you'll want to finish it off. In about 30 minutes, I was bouncing around.

On some inclines, it didn't have the torque needed to take off from a standstill, but once I had some momentum, the problem disappeared. The V10F performed exceptionally well in the rain. I wouldn't submerge it in water, but getting caught in the rain every now and then will not damage the device, which has an IP55 rating. The footpads are comfortable to grip and are a good size even for my size 12 shoes.

The V10F has a built-in Bluetooth connection that allows you to connect to it via an iOS or Android app. With it, you can honk the horn, turn on and off the head and tail lights, monitor your current speed, adjust the top speed and view the total distance traveled, motherboard temperature, and more. There's a social element that allows you to meet other riders and exchange photos and comments.

Two nice extras: Sidelights that can be dimmed or pulsed so that others may see you coming, and an internal speaker that lets you play your favorite music from your phone, making riding around safer than using headphones. You should, at the very least, wear a helmet.

$1,599 at InMotion at inMovie.

This scooter keeps going and going, and this scooter continues to go and go.

Joseph Kaminski, Joseph Kaminski

Not all scooters are created equal. The Emove Cruiser makes this point abundantly clear. One of my first rides on this e-scooter, I kept looking at the battery indicator expecting it to move; it didn't move an inch for miles. I'm a heavy guy and I have incredibly high gas mileage, but I know I must relax if I want to get home. That isn't the case with the Emove electric scooter -- it simply keeps going even with heavy rider weight.

Keep in mind that these batteries can only be charged so many times before they perform at an optimal level. That means that the less you charge your device, the faster the e scooter battery will perform at its peak. That was more than enough for this scooter to make the list, but that wasn't all.

The Emove Cruiser has a wide deck, allowing you to stand in stifled stance or stand side by side. It can support riders up to 352 pounds, has a top speed of 25 mph, and can travel approximately 60 miles on crate. The adult electric scooter takes about 8 to 12 hours to fully charge. It features 10-inch pneumatic tubeless car-grade tires, front dual suspension, and rear air-shock suspension that provides a smooth ride. The acceleration is good enough that you can take off with just one hand, though I wouldn't recommend it. If you want, the takeoff can be adjusted for a more aggressive start.

The scooter has a single-hinge, fold-down knob, as well as collapsible handlebars, which are convenient for storage. It weighs 52 pounds, a lot of it battery, so it's not the lightest. A key is required for ignition, and there are front and rear lights, as well as independent lights on the deck, for added security. With an electric horn and signal lights, it even goes a step further. The signals aren't as visible during the day, but they're still a welcome addition.

Another useful design feature: The Emove has an IPX6 rating, so you won't have to worry if you get caught in the rain. It has fenders that are long enough to keep you dry when rolling over wet surfaces.

Voro Motors, $1,399 for $1.349.

Best electric scooter for modest budgets

Sarah Tew/CNET Sarah Twa/Sarah Tewe/PNET

The Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite is the cheapest e-scooter on this list, and that's its greatest feature. This folding e-scooter doesn't outperform any of the products listed here, but for the price, it's hard to complain about it not being the best electric scooter in the market. It has a single 250-watt motor that produces little torque but can reach 'a smooth ride speed of 14 mph to 16 mmph'. The travel distance on a fully charged battery is approximately 11 miles, with shalide batteries that will charge in 3.5 hours. The maximum supported weight is 320 pounds, and the e-scooter weighs 26 pounds. Although it can accommodate larger riders, due to its low-power motor, you may notice a slower takeoff and slower speeds on inclines. It may also lose its charge quicker.

See our gallery of the Swagtron Swagger 5 Elite.

Adorama (Adoonerama): $400 at Adioram.

Scooting in the water for less money than swimming in a pool?

Joseph Kaminski/CNET/Joseph Kamingski (Cnet/ Joseph Caminowski/Fox Kamiski)/Bnet

The Geneinno S2 scooter is designed for use in the ocean, lakes, and pools: its 350-watt brushless motors can get you through the water at up to 2.7 mph. It isn't a top e scooter speed demon, but its 97 watt-hour battery provides approximately 45 minutes of use and can take you down to depths of up to 98 feet. It takes about two hours to charge the battery using the included magnetic charger.

The S2 syncs to an iOS and Android application (you connect to your phone via Bluetooth) to track dives and has parental controls so that the little ones may use it as well. I could easily see this being used to help children learn to swim or just get them used a bit more to the water.

While the scooter is designed to be used with two hands, you may switch to a one-hand mode. There is a camera mount on the front of the device to attach rogue GoPro or light. The scooter can be used on its own in case you need to let go for a second, and its orange hue is easy to spot.

The Geneinno S2 isn't the fastest or most powerful water scooter, but the light electric scooter only weighs 5.9 pounds and fits in a backpack, making it slick for flights to vacations.

Watch Geneinno's video of the S2 in action.

$335 at

Cool and cost-effective scooter.

Sarah Tew Tewee is a native of Sarah Twain.

Due to its affordable-to-use ratio, the Levy Electric Scooter slips into this list. An electric lightweight scooter that can go 18 mph, costs about $500, weighs just under 30 pounds, and has a removable battery is an excellent all-around deal. Levy also offers scooters for rent on its iOS and Android app.

The Levy has air-filled tires that provide a comfortable ride. The battery is located in the steering tube, unlike a lot of other scooters, allowing you to have flexibility comparable to if you were hopping on tarmac. I really appreciate that the battery is removable as well. Anyone with a yard or stairs may lock the e-scooter and remove the battery to take it inside to charge.

The Levy lightweight scooter is rated to travel about 15 miles on a full charge, but that's not at top speed. Most riders, I would guess, would get about 7 to 10 miles. Because it's removable, you can easily buy a second battery and carry it with you.

See our gallery of the Levy Electric Scooter.

Walmart, which sells groceries for $499, has a $449 price tag.

Go further for less. Go for more.

Sarah Tew/CNET Sarah Twa/Sarah Tewe/FACE/H1N1 Sarah

The Segway Max is a reliable electric scooter that can take you far. It's rated to go 40 miles on a full charge (if you're driving slower and on flat ground), which is humbling from Segway. In real-world conditions, I was able to go 7 miles on this electric vehicle at top speed using 45% of the battery (my daily commute before working from home). The scooter itself is rather bulky, at 41 pounds, and I've always managed to get it to 18 mph.

The air-filled tires offer a more comfortable ride than the ES series from Segway. One of the features I really appreciated was the charging cable. It's a generic power cord with no brick, making it easy to carry around or replace. The 551-watt-hour battery can be fully charged in six hours.

To stop, electric kick scooter riders can just use the handbrake. There's also a bell in the handlebar to warn pedestrians that you're coming. And if you've got big feet, like I do, you will love the long riding deck, which gave me plenty of room to relax.

See our Segway Ninebot KickScooter Max gallery.

$950 at

Best electric scooter for long trips

Sarah Tew/CNET Sarah Twa/Sarah Tewan/ Sarah Teaw

The ES4 Kick Scooter sits on top of the Segway consumer scooter chain, with a secondary battery that makes preparing for soaring hills or completing stretches easy. The electric motor has a top speed of 18 mph and can travel an estimated 28 miles on solitary battery charge (which I was able to accomplish). The folding point on this e-scooter is different from any other foldable scooter in this roundup. The entire front post folds down, wheel and all. While braking, I'd shift my weight over the rear wheel, pushing down on the spoiler brake and hitting the handlebar brake (which is an anti-lock brake), but without the front headtube flex you'll find on some other scooters. There are also shock absorbers that assist with shock absorption when you ride over bumpy surfaces.

The dual-batterie model weighs just over 30 pounds and can accommodate riders weighing up to 220 pounds. The scooter has a lot of power and may produce 300 to 800 watts depending on the riding mode. The average single charge battery pack life is about seven hours. If you run out of battery life and don't have the time to charge, it can be used as a classic kick-and-go scooter. It also has some customizable LED lights under the deck between the tires. In the iOS and Android apps, those settings, as well as some other options, can be adjusted.

See our Ninebot by Segway ES4 gallery.

$697 at $699 at

Best for avoiding obstacles.

Mark Licea is a member of the Mark LIcea family. Mark is an active member in the mark Liace community.

The Onewheel Pint is about half the price of the larger One Wheel Plus XR. It weighs 26 pounds and can accommodate riders of up to 250 pounds. The Pint can travel six to eight miles on a full battery charge, with the motor achieving 0-60 mph. It's more maneuverable than any previous Onewheel or other rideable. It can handle inclines with ease and has rear and front lights for night riding. The board is controlled by shifting your weight forward and back to move forwards and reverses, and heel to toe to steer. Once you get used to it, it's like riding a skateboard, and you'll be tempted to do some tricks (which we don't endorse).

Read our Onewheel Pint hands-on.

$750 at Onewheel at $1.50 per person.

Brains and beauty

Sarah Tew/CNET Sarah Twa/Sarah TeW/ANET

Unagi, the Japanese premium scooter maker, has added new color customization options and a dual 250-watt motor to the E450, our previous choice for the best all-around electric scooter. Why not call this one the E500? Because that's the new total motor output wattage.

Due to the dual 250-watt motors, the E500 required a slightly larger battery (28.8 volts) than the equivalent E450 to maintain the same travel distance. It weighs just a hair under 27 pounds, making the carbon fiber and aluminum body about 2 pounds heavier.

The display is bright and easy to see in sunlight, and instead of putting a bell on the scooter, they've added an electric horn that's loud enough to be heard through if viewed through the car window.

The electric scooter can carry up to 270 pounds, with a top speed of 18 mph and spherical travel distance of 15 miles. To stop the scooter, use the ABS electric brake or put a little pressure on the rear spoiler brake for those steep climbs.

Check out our gallery of the Unagi E500 for a closer look at this electric scooter.

Read more about the Unagi E500.

Adorama: $990 at Adora

You're getting a real bang for your buck.

Sarah Tew/CNET Sarah Twinton/Sarah TeW/PNET

The 2019 WideWheel made our list last year, and it's no wonder that the 2020 Widewheal Pro will be on our radar this year. I've seen all types of scooters in New York, but none more than the commuter scooter, WideWheel. It's a beast of an electric scooter, and its performance-to-price ratio is unmatched.

Improvements are all over. It eliminated the LED indicator lights and introduced a full display that showed battery level, current speed, and riding mode. In addition, they've enhanced the headlight for better night vision and added more comfortable ergonomic hand grips.

The Pro motorized scooter still has dual 500-watt motors, but it can now reach a top speed of 26 mph and it has an upgraded lithium-ion battery to help out. There are a lot of scooters on the market that can reach speeds of around 25 mph, but the WideWheel is faster. This scooter just wants to take off and is why I don't recommend it to beginners. To bring this beast to a stop, the business did, however, add spherical disc brakes. It has two riding modes, Eco and Power, and a travel distance of 20 miles.

The new WideWheel Pro comes with or without a key ignition switch. It feels more solid than the 2019 model -- from the steering tube to the deck and handlebars. Both the handlebars and steering tube still fold down for transport or storage. The Pro weighs 54 pounds and can accommodate riders weighing up to 220 pounds.

Another feature that may be overlooked in the Pro is that it has a spring suspension but with limited travel. The 3.9-inch wide wheels provide some serious grip on dry surfaces, as is the case with its iker. The tires aren't air-filled (or comfortable), but the upside is that the never-flat foam- filled tires won' t leave you stranded. Trust me, it's not a good idea to drive nigh-thousand pounds of scooters if the wheels let you down.

The WideWheel Pro is a powerful and stunning scooter. As a guy who exceeds its weight limit, I was impressed by its torque and ability to get me to top speed.

See our gallery of the Mercane WideWheel Pro. has 12,000 $ for $1,269.

Best electric scooter for speedters

Sarah Tew Teow is a young woman who lives in London.

The Mercane WideWheel scooter is the best electric scooter in this lineup when it comes to motor power. It has some impressive takeoff power and torque thanks to two 500-watt motors.

Most e-scooter models have a top ride speed of 15 mph, but there's an advanced mode where you can unlock its entire battery power and ride it to 25 Mbps (but you do so at your own risk). It has a dual suspension and carries soaring 50 pounds. It can travel up to 20 miles on a single charge, and it can support riders weighing upto 220 pounds. The riding deck is longer and wider than your average scooter, making it easy to get both feet on the board comfortably. It has an IPX4 rating.

The scooter's name derives from its 8-inch wide tires. The tires are great for keeping your feet upright during a ride, but turns take some getting used to. Unlike most of the honor-system devices, this one requires a key to start.

See our Mercane WideWheel gallery.

FluidFreeRide is offering $1,099 for $11,098.

Best electric scooter for the cosmopolitan adult?

Sarah Tew/CNET Sarah Twew

Boosted is best known for its motorized skateboards, but it's now entering the e-scooter market with the battery-powered Rev, the finest electric scooter for the sophisticated adult electric vehicle set. This smooth ride features a powerful dual 1,500 Watt motor and air-filled 9-inch pneumatic tires for optimum speed of 24 mph. Due to its motor power and speed, it's best used as an electric scooter for adults -- though there are plenty of kids electric wheelchair options out there.

The Rev (with its pneumatic tires) supports riders weighing up to 250 pounds, which is 30 pounds more in weight capacity than some of the scooters on this list, making it the best electric scooter as far as weight capability. Bonus: For those with wider feet, the board is wide enough to put them side by side.

Check out our gallery of the Boosted Rev. for a closer look at the electric scooter.

Read our Boosted Rev hands-on.

Boosted USA is a $1,499 brand.

Best hands-free premium experience

The Onewheel Plus XR is the larger and older brother to the Pint. Due to the freedom you get while riding and the ability to travel 12 to 18 miles on a full charge of the battery, plus the motor allows you to reach 0-62 mph. Still one of my motorized scooter favorites, due to its all-around freedom and ability, as well as the possibility to drive 12 or 18 miles with 80% charge.

While riding, you'll receive a notification when the single-charge battery is running low, so you can return to your home from wherever you may roam. The app also provides a variety of other options, from social to board riding customization. It's not the most travel-friendly, it weighs about 30 pounds, but it' is easy to store. In addition, it only takes about two hours to charge the battery completely.

For a closer look, see our gallery of the Onewheel Plus XR.

Read our Onewheel Plus XR hands-on video.

$1,799 at One Wheel, one wheel shipping.
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