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Amazon's Smart Grocery Carts Will Replace Cashiers In 2020

Amazon's Smart Grocery Carts Will Replace Cashiers In 2020

Amazon launches shopping baskets that track items as they are added by customers, and then automatically deduct them when they remove bags of groceries. Dash Carts will be introduced at the new Amazon grocery store in Los Angeles, which is scheduled to open in 2020, the company said on Tuesday.

Dash Carts uses just Walk Out cashless technology, first introduced in Amazon Go stores. Amazon Go stores, which opened to the public in 2018, allow customers to buy items without Queuing at the checkout. Over the past few years, the company has settled into the food market, but with the new technology, Amazon hopes to make the shopping process more enjoyable and stand out from other retailers.

Shoppers must have an Amazon account and a smartphone to use the Dash Cart. After logging in to the store, users scan the QR code located in the Amazon app.

Each cart is equipped with cameras that use computer vision to identify items placed in bags inside the carts, as well as a built-in scale for weighing. For items such as fresh produce, customers enter a four-digit product code and quantity on the display, which registers the weight and price. The shopping cart is also equipped with a coupon scanner that applies any discounts to the customer's order. Trolleys are designed for small and medium-sized grocery purchases when customers can leave the store with one or two packages of goods.

As customers add and remove items, the display on the front of the shopping cart adjusts the overall price.

After selecting items, customers exit through the store's Dash Cart lane; the company withdraws funds from the credit card associated with their Amazon account and emails a copy of the receipt.

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