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Candidates from Genesee County will speak to Gene See Jail inmates at a Friday forum

Candidates from Genesee County will speak to Gene See Jail inmates at a Friday forum

Story has been updated to reflect that there are approximately 60 inmates registered to vote in the jail.

On Friday, Oct. 29, Genesee County Jail inmates will be able to meet local candidates at a forum.

All 42 candidates who appeared on a Genesee County ballot or registered as op-ed during the Tuesday, Nov. 2 election were invited to speak at the event.

38 candidates have responded, according to Genesee County Sheriff Chris Swanson of MLive-The Flint Journal.

Swanson stated that we had like a 96 percent acceptance rate. Isnt that nefarious? This has never been done before -- ever. Meet the candidate at the jail? Come on now.

The following are the most recent changes to the law. State officials in Genesee County, Mass., emphasise the importance of open voting for unsentenced jail inmates.

Any Michigan resident who is in prison but isn't serving a sentence has the right to vote.

According to a recent report by Nation Outside and the Voting Access for All Coalition, many Michiganders who are eligible to exercise this right are denied the help and access they need to cast ballot while in prison.

Swanson stated at a news conference on Wednesday, Oct. 27 that there are currently about 60 inmates registered to vote in the jail.

Swanson said that voting education is part of the Genesee County Jails IGNITE (Inmate Growth Naturally and Intentionally Through Education) initiative.

It aligns with our IGNITE philosophy, which is to educate people on a variety of levels in order for them to be productive citizens, Swanson added. Many of the people in jails have not taken advantage of their voting rights, and most significantly, of education. So, like with all the other curriculums we have, voting knowledge and voting ability are a big, big part of it.

Related: 12 inmates have graduated from Genesee County Jails IGNITE education program.

The sheriff said that the event benefits candidates who want to interact with all potential constituents.

Only candidates and inmates may attend the jail forum, but Swanson said it will be broadcast live on the Genesee County Sheriffs Office Facebook page.

Starting at 9 a.m., s/he will be welcomed by dozens of welcome teams. Friday, August 20th. Swanson will address the crowd at 10 a.m. The first of three forums will begin at 10:30 a.m.

Each candidate will have three minutes to speak about their platform, with Genesee County Ambassador Johnell Allen-Bey moderating the event. There will be a short time for questions.

The length of time will depend on how many candidates who responded to the event show up, according to Swanson.

This will be repeated on three different floors of the jail, with 40 inmates on each level of each floor.

Allen-Bey said that the candidates were selected based on their work ethic as well as their interest in politics.

Allen-Bey stated that each candidate is asked to speak only about his or her own platform.

We want the candidates to focus on themselves, not throw others under the bus or try to play dirty politics, he added.

There are currently approximately 615 people in the jail, with about 70% coming from Flint and 30% from other Genesee County municipalities.

This is why candidates from every race were invited to speak at the jail, Allen-Bey said.

This is an opportunity for candidates to be able to state what theyre doing and what their views are, he said. Thats exciting for our inmates here to have a platform and ask questions on what policies affect their lives and, as voters, see who they want to support, he added.

All of the candidates for Flint City Council seats on the ballot have said they will attend the event.

Allen-Bey described that breakdown as incredible," adding that people from all around the world are in our prison. "So first ward through the ninth word, theyre here."

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