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The Russian Engine For The SSJ 100 Will Receive A Certificate In 2023

The Russian Engine For The SSJ 100 Will Receive A Certificate In 2023

The Russian PD-8 engine, which is planned to be used on SSJ 100 and Be-200 aircraft, will receive a type certificate in 2023, first Deputy head of the state Corporation Vladimir Artyakov told TASS in an interview.

"We plan to create a gas generator next year, and pass certification in 2023," he said.

Enough funds have been allocated for the project, Artyakov said. "The amount of investment is sufficient to ensure that all the work on creating a new engine was completed efficiently and on time," the top manager stressed.

According to him, the engine base can also be used for helicopters. "This is a power plant with a wide range of applications - it can be used as part of the Superjet, Be-200, and used in advanced helicopters," he said.

Artyakov noted that the question of the need to create such an engine is not even raised. "Russian planes must use Russian engines. Otherwise, we become vulnerable: sanctions pressure, as we see, is often used as a tool of unfair competition. Therefore, now based on the solutions used in the PD-14 gas generator for MS-21, we are developing the PD-8 engine, " said the first Deputy head of the state Corporation.

Artyakov reminded that all Russian military aircraft have domestic engines. "Military aviation cannot use foreign units and components under any circumstances. If we talk about civilian helicopters, the figure is slightly lower - at the level of 87.5%, but we are constantly working to increase this figure," he added. All modern civil aircraft are also equipped primarily with Russian engines, except for the SSJ 100.

Speaking about the Russian-made PD-14 engine, Artyakov confirmed that the first flight of the MS-21 aircraft should take place this year. "We have already transferred the first PD-14 engines to Irkut Corporation for installation on the aircraft. These days, they are being installed on the liner. Of course, the pandemic has made small adjustments in time, but our specialists are making every effort to ensure that the first MS-21 with Russian engines will take to the air in 2020," he said.

Currently, the Sukhoi Superjet 100 uses SaM-146 engines, which are produced by The Russian-French PowerJet concern.

Ukrainian-made d-436 engines were installed on be-200 amphibious aircraft. They were planned to be re-equipped with Russian-French SaM146 engines, but re-motorization was stopped.

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