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Musk Said That Tesla Is Close To Creating A Fully Autonomous Car

Musk Said That Tesla Is Close To Creating A Fully Autonomous Car

American electric car manufacturer Tesla will soon create a car with full automation technology, the fifth level of Autonomous driving, according to by the head of the company, Elon Musk.

According to Reuters, at the opening of the annual Shanghai world conference on artificial intelligence, held in a video format, the entrepreneur noted that Tesla will be able to achieve the basic functionality of this technology during 2020. The company now produces machines with technology for the advanced automation function of the autopilot.

Musk also added that Tesla is developing new cooling systems that will allow better computers to be used in cars. In a video message, he hailed the company's work team in China, noting their " amazing work."

The society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) identifies six levels of machine automation, where level zero implies no automation (the driver does all the work on their own), and the fifth indicates full automation (direct intervention in the driving process is not required).

China is home to the only Tesla electric vehicle Assembly plant outside the United States. The agreement on the construction of the enterprise located in the LinGang district near Shanghai was signed in July 2018.

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