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The region is soaked by morning rain, but the major weather event will come later Tuesday

The region is soaked by morning rain, but the major weather event will come later Tuesday

The nor'easter wont be here until later today, but if you were out for an early morning walk, you might have thought it had already begun. In a short period of time, over half an inch of rain was already coming into some areas due to heavy tropical downpours on the right side of the developing storm, which is characterised by muggy air to the south and cool air from the north. This isn't the most important event. That is still going to happen later today.

Meteorologically, the storm is approaching the mid-Atlantic coastline. On the loop below, you can see the progress. Its a spinning action south of New York City. This storm will be intense later today and into Wednesday. After todays heavy rain, I think therell be a little sluggish in the heavy weather. This doesnt mean you won t see some showers or drizzle, but the steady stuff will wait.

I'm expecting a band of heavy rain to form from the south in the second half of the afternoon. This rain will peak in our area late this evening and in the early morning hours of Wednesday. During this time, were most likely to experience some street and basement flooding.

With the exception of showers beginning Wednesday morning, the rain will abate.

Highest on the coast, wind will be a problem. During the evening, a swath of wind will blow inland, along with the rain. This wind will be particularly strong within 5 to 10 miles of the shore and less intense but still noticeable west of Route 128. The possibility of a significant number of power outages is substantial. Although the wind will cool down early Wednesday, it will remain mild and this may prolong the outage time as crews have more difficulty restoring it.

One of the more fascinating aspects of this storm is the track. It will travel from the east toward New England and then do a loop back toward the south before continuing northward to sea later Thursday. Its that track that will produce the strongest winds and the heaviest rain. I am also expecting the most wind and rain from the east to arrive within a few hours of midnight tonight.

I suspect a couple of delays at Logan Airport as flights to the south are interrupted and the wind may be too strong for some aircraft.

You'd think coastal flooding would be a problem with erupting tides at an astronomically low point in the cycle, but because of the tide fluctuations, this is not going to be an issue of concern.

By the time we reach our goal on Thursday, we'll have a bit of sunshine by the afternoon. It will be chilly with temperatures in the 50s. To finish the weekend, more clouds and maybe some rain will be expected. Im going to be optimistic and hope that everything works out for the kids Sunday night, Halloween.

Maps: What to expect from the noreaster approaching Massachusetts

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