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The State Department Approved The Sale Of $620 Million Worth Of Weapons To Taiwan

The State Department Approved The Sale Of $620 Million Worth Of Weapons To Taiwan

The US State Department approved the possible sale of equipment for upgrading Patriot PAC-3 systems to Taiwan, the total amount of the transaction is estimated at $620 million, according to the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA).

It is responsible for supplying military equipment and weapons abroad under intergovernmental contracts, promoting relations between the armed forces of the United States and other countries, and providing financial and technical assistance to Washington's foreign partners in the field of defense.

"The proposed sale serves the national and economic interests of the United States, as well as security interests, as it contributes to the recipient's ongoing efforts to modernize its armed forces and maintain a reliable defense capability," the report said. According to the DSCA, thanks to this deal, Taiwan will use its improved capabilities "as a means of containing regional threats and strengthening defense."

The US Administration has already officially notified the US Congress of its decision. The legislature now has 30 days to study these military contracts and possibly block them.

Taiwan has been governed by its own administration since 1949, when remnants of the Kuomintang forces led by Chiang Kai-shek (1887-1975), who was defeated in the civil war with the Communists, fled there. Since then, this largest Chinese island has been under its own administration, retaining the flag, currency, and some other attributes of the former Republic of China. Beijing considers Taiwan one of the provinces of China. The Chinese Foreign Ministry has previously stated that it opposes any supply of American weapons and military equipment to Taiwan.

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