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The Range Of Russian Electromagnetic Guns Was Increased To 10 Km

The Range Of Russian Electromagnetic Guns Was Increased To 10 Km

The range of guaranteed destruction of targets by experimental samples of Russian electromagnetic guns in the framework of ongoing testing has been brought to 10 km; previously, they could effectively shoot at a distance of 1-2 km, according to two sources in the military-industrial complex.

"Tests of electromagnetic weapons have been going on since 2015, the latest firing ranges from EMP guns (EMP-electromagnetic radiation) were held in the spring. Currently, the average effective range of electromagnetic guns on air targets is 7-8 km, the maximum, about 10," said one of the Agency's interlocutors. He clarified that at the initial stage, the range of destruction was only "a couple of kilometers."

Another source told that "the destruction of aircraft at a distance of 10 km is ensured by burning electronic components of their onboard equipment." The interlocutor added that the shot of an electromagnetic gun lasts for milliseconds and, given the distance to the target, reaches it instantly, since electromagnetic radiation travels at the speed of light.

Sources noted that during the tests, Russian EMP guns burned various devices on the ground without the possibility of recovery, and also effectively destroyed unmanned aerial vehicles. According to the interlocutors, the main problem of such weapons today is the need for large amounts of electricity, so it will not be possible to create a mobile EMP-complex in the near future.

The difference between electronic warfare systems

The interlocutors also explained that it is necessary to distinguish the defeat inflicted by EMP weapons from the suppression of the enemy's electronics, which is provided by electronic warfare systems (EW). Most modern electronic warfare systems can suppress electronics at a range of several hundred kilometers, but they are disproportionately less powerful and do not disable devices. EMP guns, on the other hand, destroy hardware on the physical level.

For future fighters

EMP guns use ultra-high frequency electromagnetic radiation, also called an electromagnetic "shot," as a striking factor. The radiation of an electromagnetic gun warms the affected object to extremely high temperatures in a fraction of a second.

In particular, it is planned to equip an unmanned version of the 6th-generation fighter with such weapons. On a manned aircraft, electromagnetic weapons are dangerous to use, since they can harm their own pilot.

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