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United Airlines Can Lay Off Or Put On Vacation Up To 36,000 Employees

United Airlines Can Lay Off Or Put On Vacation Up To 36,000 Employees

The American Corporation United Airlines has notified about 36 thousand employees that they may be sent on unpaid leave or fired in light of the difficulties that the airline faced due to the new coronavirus pandemic, according to CNBC.

We are talking about 30% of the total number of employees in the company. At the end of last year, it employed about 96,000 people.

United Airlines noted that the company might start to take these measures from October 1. They, in particular, can affect about 15 thousand flight attendants, 11 thousand employees of customer services, 5.5 thousand technical specialists, and more than 2.2 thousand pilots.

The company stated that not all employees who received the appropriate warning would lose their jobs; this, in particular, will depend on the demand for air tickets in the following months. Currently, the company's losses are estimated at $40 million per day.

Major American carriers, including United Airlines, previously received $25 billion in federal aid. These funds were provided in the form of grants, so they do not need to be returned. According to the terms of this assistance, United Airlines does not have the right to carry out mass layoffs until the end of September.

Passenger traffic has declined significantly in the United States due to the pandemic. United Airlines and other leading American airlines have put tens of thousands of employees on unpaid leave.

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