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Journalists Will Sue The President Of Brazil, Who Was Infected With The Coronavirus

Journalists Will Sue The President Of Brazil, Who Was Infected With The Coronavirus

Brazilian Press Association (ABI) will sue the President of the country Zaire Bolsonaro. A statement published on the organization's website said that Bolsonaro put journalists at risk of Contracting the coronavirus during a briefing where he announced that COVID-19 was ill.

The President went out to the press in person, wearing a mask, but he did not keep a distance. Bolsonaru reported a positive test result for the coronavirus and spoke about his health. Immediately after the briefing, he took off his mask a few meters away from the journalists to show his cheerfulness. "Despite knowing that he was infected with COVID-19, President Jair Bolsonaro continued to act in a criminal manner and put the lives of others at risk," the ABI said in a statement. It also claims that the President, by inviting the press, "violated the isolation regime recommended by doctors." According to the Association, thus Bolsonaro committed offenses for which the criminal code of the country provides for imprisonment and a fine. "Faced with this situation, ABI is suing the President in the Supreme court," the statement said.

The day before, Bolsonaro, 65, told supporters outside the presidential Palace that he had just visited a hospital and had been tested for the virus. He added that an MRI examination showed that his lungs were "clear" but that his temperature had increased. Bolsonaru is a proponent of "vertical isolation" to combat coronavirus infection: only people at risk and over 60 years of age should stay at home. He often appeared without a mask and gloves during rallies and demonstrations in support of him, communicated and photographed with supporters, not always keeping a social distance. He also previously referred to the coronavirus infection as "mild flu" and said that the danger of the disease is exaggerated. In mid-March, Bolsonaro was suspected of having COVID-19, but then repeated testing for coronavirus gave a negative result.

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