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Carlos Ghosn Transferred $862,500 To The Company That Organized His Escape From Japan

Carlos Ghosn Transferred $862,500 To The Company That Organized His Escape From Japan

Former CEO of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, Carlos Ghosn, transferred $862,500 to the company, which is co-owned by 27-year-old Peter Taylor, suspected of helping Ghosn escape from Tokyo to Beirut, Reuters reports, citing statements by us prosecutors made in a hearing in the Federal court of Massachusetts on Tuesday, July 7.

Michael Taylor and his son Peter applied to the court for release from bail since 36 prisoners and employees were infected with coronavirus at the correctional center where they are serving their arrest.

Their lawyers told the court that the arrest warrants and extradition requests for the father and son received from the Japanese Prosecutor's office were based on erroneous conclusions, and there was no risk of their escape. The US attorney's office has presented the court with Bank transfers made in October 2019. in the amount of $540,000 and $322,500 from Ghosn's Bank account in Paris of Fox LLC, run by Peter Taylor and his brother. According to the Prosecutor's office, these transfers indicate that the arrested persons have the resources to escape, and therefore they should remain in custody. Judge Donald cable rejected the Taylors' request to cancel their arrest warrants and did not grant bail.

July 3, the Tokyo Prosecutor's office asked the American authorities for the extradition of the Taylors based on a bilateral agreement the United States and Japan, the request will be considered by a court in Massachusetts, the final decision on extradition of a former commando and undercover agent, who worked in the Middle East, 59-year-old Michael Taylor and his 27-year-old son, Peter, will accept the U.S. state Department.

The Taylors were arrested on May 20 at the request of the Prosecutor's office by a court in Boston. Representatives of the Boston Prosecutor's office said at the time that arrest warrants for the two Americans were obtained from Japanese law enforcement agencies in January 2020. In January, Turkey arrested four pilots of the planes on which Ghosn flew to Beirut via Istanbul and a Turkish airline Manager who provided the planes for the escape. They are accused of people smuggling. Two flight attendants are accused of failing to report the illegal movement of people across the border. In mid-may, the Istanbul court approved the indictments against the seven defendants in the escape case, and the hearing was scheduled for July.

The Japanese investigation suspects that Taylor and his son met in December 2019 in a Tokyo hotel with Carlos Ghosn, who had previously escaped unhindered from house arrest. They took a train together to the city of Osaka in the South-West of the main Japanese island of Honshu. At its international airport, the ex-Manager was carried without inspection in a box for sound equipment in a private business jet that took off for Turkey on December 29. There, the businessman transferred to another private plane, which took him to Lebanon, where he is now.

Carlos Ghosn, who has French, Brazilian, and Lebanese citizenship, was arrested by the Tokyo Prosecutor's office on November 19, 2018. He was charged with abuse of trust, falsifying financial statements of income and fraud. He has repeatedly denied wrongdoing. The investigation, in particular, believes that he did not properly declare his remuneration of 9 billion yen (more than $ 80 million) as Chairman of the Board of Directors of Nissan from 2010 to 2018. In April 2019, Ghosn was released from prison and placed under house arrest on a large bail. There are no extradition agreements between the Lebanese and Japanese authorities, Reuters notes.

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