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60 People Died In Floods And Landslides In Japan

60 People Died In Floods And Landslides In Japan

In Japan, as a result of flooding and landslides caused by torrential rains, 60 people were killed, and 16 more are missing, NHK TV reported, citing the police and rescue service.

On the island of Kyushu, the water supply to more than 2,300 homes has been disrupted. There is also no electricity in the affected areas. In neighboring Nagano and Gifu prefectures, authorities have asked more than 54,000 people to evacuate due to the threat of flooding and landslides. In Gifu Prefecture, more than 2,200 residents of mountainous localities were trapped in their homes due to numerous landslides. About 20,000 military personnel are currently helping victims in the disaster zone.

Floods and landslides due to multi-day downpours are also observed in China and Mongolia. In China, more than 120 people are reported dead and missing. The Mongolian authorities had previously reported eight dead and dozens missing. China's Ministry of emergencies estimated direct economic damage to the country at 41.6 billion yuan ($5.89 million).

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