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USS Porter Leaves The Black Sea

USS Porter Leaves The Black Sea

The American missile destroyer Porter began on Tuesday the transition from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean, according to the press service of the 6th fleet of the US Navy.

"The US Navy's Arleigh Burke Porter-class missile destroyer began its March South from the Black Sea to the Mediterranean on July 7 after conducting operations to strengthen security," the report said.

The press service recalled that the ship entered the Black Sea on June 17 to conduct maneuvers to strengthen interaction with NATO allies. The forces of the Russian southern military district have been tracking the American ship since the same day. Over the past weeks, the destroyer took part in two joint exercises with ships from Bulgaria, Georgia, Romania, and Turkey and called at Batumi. The exercise also involved the US Navy's Oak Hill dock landing ship, which left the Black sea on June 25.

In April, the destroyer already made a call in the Black sea. In early May, the ship, accompanied by the destroyers Roosevelt and Donald Cook, entered the Barents sea.

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