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Samsung Will Release A Record-Breaking Expensive Smartphone

Samsung Will Release A Record-Breaking Expensive Smartphone

The cost of the new flagship of the Samsung Galaxy line will be a record, according to GizmoChina, referring to messages in social networks.

The publication refers to Twitter insider Ricciolo, who said that smartphones of the Galaxy Note 20 series would be the most expensive in the history of Samsung. "COVID-19 is still here, do you think it's a good idea, Samsung?" the blogger summed up.

Journalists emphasized that the source of the drain is unknown, but according to early rumors, Galaxy Note 20 smartphones will get a very high price. According to their information, the cost of the devices will start at $ 999. Galaxy Note 20 series gadgets must be equipped with Snapdragon 865+ or Exynos 992 processors, depending on the sales region.

The current flagships of the Note line are the Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+devices.

Earlier, Samsung's Russian website found a mention of an unannounced flagship. According to journalists, the renderers of the device got to the official resource by accident; the smartphone should be called Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The model shown on the promo poster has a triple camera with a set of additional sensors and supports working with a stylus. The flagship is due to be released in late summer.

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