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Four Emerald Nuggets With A Total Weight Of Almost 5 Kg Found In Russia

Four Emerald Nuggets With A Total Weight Of Almost 5 Kg Found In Russia

At the only emerald Deposit in Russia, the Malyshevsky Deposit, four collectible nuggets with a total weight of almost 5 kg were found at once, Rostec-capital reported. Their cost can reach $40 thousand, said the company that manages the mine.

"Four collectible emeralds with a total weight of 4.8 kg were found at the Mariinsky mine of the Rostec State Corporation; this is the first mass find of stones of this quality in the last 20 years," the report says. The emeralds were found on a conveyor belt when sorting stones.

The weight of four emeralds found at the mine varies from 1 kg to 1.5 kg, the cost - from $7 thousand to $11 thousand. The stones have the correct shape, dark green color, and good grade. Now the nuggets are being evaluated in the Gokhran of the Russian Federation, after which a decision will be made on their sale.

According to Kirill Fedorov, CEO of Rostec capital, six large emeralds were discovered at the Malyshevskoye field in the first six months this is more than for the whole of 2019, and twice the figures for 2018. "Such results were achieved thanks to the change in the ore crushing technology, which the company switched to as part of the new development strategy. We changed the settings of the fractional equipment, which allowed us to increase the size of the stones while preserving their natural shape in the finished raw material. Such emeralds are more popular and valued more than small stones," he said.

The new development strategy for the mine was approved in January 2020. It is aimed at increasing the production of precious stones and improving the operational efficiency of the enterprise until 2025.

The Mariinsky mine of Rostec is an enterprise created based on the Malyshevsky emerald-beryllium Deposit, the only one in Europe and one of three in the world. Beryllium, emeralds, chrysoberyl, phenakite, alexandrites, phlogopite, lithium, rubidium, and cesium are mined here. Every year, the Mariinsky mine processes 94 thousand tons of ore and produces 150 kg of emeralds, 15 kilograms of alexandrites, and more than 5 tons of beryls.

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