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The NHL Has Reached An Agreement With NHLPA On A Date To Resume The Season

The NHL Has Reached An Agreement With NHLPA On A Date To Resume The Season

The American National Hockey League (NHL) and the NHL Players' Association (NHLPA) have reached an agreement on a tentative date for resuming the season. Matches of the qualifying round of the Stanley Cup will begin on August 1, according to the League's website.

A preliminary agreement between the League and the Union set the dates for the resumption of the season in several stages. Official training camps will begin on July 13. By July 26, the clubs will arrive in the cities where the playoffs will take place. The NHL has suspended its regular season since March 12 due to the spread of coronavirus infection. It was originally planned to resume in May, but the pandemic prevented these plans from being implemented. At the end of May, the League announced that the interrupted championship was over ahead of schedule, and the season would resume with the playoffs. 24 teams will play it in two cities.

The NHL and the Players' Association also agreed to extend the collective bargaining agreement for four years. It was previously reported that it will include a clause on the participation of League players in the 2022 and 2026 Olympic games in the case of agreements with the International Olympic Committee and the International ice hockey Federation. Preliminary agreements now have to be approved by the NHL's Board of Governors, Executive Board, and Union members. The Union will hold a vote between hockey players over the next three to five days. The current agreement, signed in January 2013, was due to expire on September 15, 2022. Its validity period is extended until September 15, 2026.

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