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TikTok Will Stop Working In Hong Kong Due To The National Security Law

TikTok Will Stop Working In Hong Kong Due To The National Security Law

TikTok (a social network for sharing short videos) will stop working in Hong Kong in the coming days due to the National Security Law adopted in China for this special administrative region, Reuters reports, citing a company representative.

"In light of recent events, we have decided to discontinue the TikTok app in Hong Kong," the source said. Earlier, representatives of the messengers WhatsApp (owned by Facebook) and Telegram Pavel Durov said that they would not consider judicial requests and requests from intelligence agencies in Hong Kong to provide personal data of their users because of the national security law.

TikTok was originally designed so that it could not be accessed by mainland China; this was part of ByteDance's strategy to reach an international audience. In China, the company has another application for sharing short videos ‒ Douyin. Chinese coming from the Chinese mainland use it, but there are no special plans for Douyin to be released in Hong Kong, a ByteDance representative said.

On June 30, the Standing Committee of the national people's Congress (PRC Parliament) adopted the law on ensuring national security in Hong Kong. It provides for life imprisonment and other penalties for undermining state construction, colluding with foreigners, extremist, separatist and terrorist calls and actions. The law in Hong Kong creates security agencies with broad powers. They will be able to conduct investigations from mainland China and conduct trials against violators in Beijing.

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