This year, have a photo of your face on your gift wrapper

This year, have a photo of your face on your gift wrapper ...

Looking for a new way to inspire joy (and laughter) this holiday season? We've found something that will revolutionize the way you give presents in 2021. This winter, get personalized wrapping paper with your face (or a friend or family member's face) on it and leave no doubt about the gift-giver.

Why would you want customized gift wrap with your logo on it, you ask? It's not only a great conversation starter, but it'll also help you stay in touch with someone you won't be able to see during the holidays -- it is like converting 'a photo card into wrapping paper. And everyone will know who the gift is from.

Gift Wrap My Face will teach you how to create your very own personalized wrapping paper. Be sure to have a photo with you.

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How to design and buy wrapping paper with your face on it?

1. Visit the Gift Wrap My Face website and select "Gift Wrap Mein Face". Shop Our Products and Shop our selection of goods. . _

2. From here, select the type of gift wrapping you desire. You may choose Christmas, Hanukkah, birthday, characters, or weddings.

3. Next, browse through the different colors of wrapping paper and choose your favorite. If you chose Thanksgiving, you can put your face on a turkey or pie.

4. You can choose from one roll for $20 or five rolls for $70 once you've made your choice.

5. Here's where you'll use the photo you chose. Scroll down and tap on the circle. Choose a photo. Choose an image. . Photos can be added from local files, your camera roll, Facebook and Instagram. Crop the image so it's showing your face and hair, and click OK. Apply now to get started. . Tap Tape Taping Tap To Tap Add to Favorites Add your own! . ! Note that additional faces may be added to the gift wrap for an additional $1.50.

The (B) Click here to visit the Click Here link to see how to register for the free trial. Buy It Now! .

7. Next, enter your contact information and shipping address. Tap Tape Tapestry Taping Tapistry tapestries Tapestimate Tap Continue to ship while you wait for the ship to arrive. .

(Counter) ( (excepting) Select your shipping method and click on "Continue". Continue to pay the bill. .

9. Enter your credit card information, or use Shop Pay, PayPal, and ZipPay. Tap Tape Taps Tapped Taping Tapa Tap Pay Now! (or) (Or) Complete Order. if you are using one of the other payment methods, the payment method will be used.

That's it! Now you can send presents with your face on custom wrapping paper.

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