Memory foam feel with a variety of firmness options Amerisleep mattresses review

Memory foam feel with a variety of firmness options Amerisleep mattresses review ...

Amerisleep, a mattress business, is comparable to Helix Sleep in the sense that it offers varying mattress options from soft to firm, but that's about as far as their similarities go. Amerisleep mattresses are made with memory foam and offer that pressure-relieving, classic memory Foam feel. They're a bit like TempurPedic, only without the high luxury memory foam mattress price tag. Its mattresses are also covered with a special cover that makes cleaning and washing easy.

If you're looking for a bed made of natural materials, Amerisleep also offers an organic mattress. This review will focus on the different mattresses offered by the brand and why I do or don't believe you should buy them.


Mattresses like the Amerisleep mattress are made of foam.

  • Multiple firmness options are available. Multiple Firmness Options.
  • Suitable for all sleeping positions.
  • All foam and hybrid options are available to suit all body types.
  • Comfy memory foam feel.
  • Machine washable cover that's easy to clean.
  • Uncomfortable if you don't like the memory foam feel.
  • The softer models are more expensive.
  • Edge support isn't great on the foam models, however.

First Impressions: First-Early Impressionen

Mattresses by Amerisleep The foam Amerisleep mattresses all provide the same contouring, hugging memory foam feel, particularly the AS5. The star of the show is the firm's Bio-Pur memory foam material, which uses similar materials. The AS5 being the most plush and expensive (I'd rate it 1 to 2 out of 10, with 10 being my firmest), is enhanced by adding a layer, which I'll get into later. This is what gives it its extra-cushy, memory foam feel.

AS1 is on the opposite end of the spectrum and is the firmest of all the pack. I'd rate it around 9 out of 10 (or maybe 10). I slumber more on top of this mattress than I do because it's so firm. You still feel that memory foam molding to your body, and I think it'll be beneficial for people who prefer a firm mattress.

AS3 is in the middle and offers a balanced firmness profile of about medium firm, or 5 out of ten. It's also the most popular option, which isn't a surprise given that it'll accommodate the widest range of sleeping positions.

Hybrid mattresses from Amerisleep are used for comfort. The AS2, AS3 and AS5 all have hybrid versions which you may purchase. The pocketed coil layer in the base makes them feel almost like the foam Amerisleep mattresses, but they're a little more bouncier and more supportive. They're better for people who have back pain, weigh more than 230 pounds, or who generally want more strength and support than what foam beds can provide."

Mattresses like Amerisleep Organica are made from Amerylep. Amerisleep has released its Organica mattress to challenge the likes of Avocado and Birch. It's a hybrid mattress made of natural and organic materials that are safer for you and the environment. It's also more soft than other organic mattresses I've tested, which is a plus. It was rated a medium-firm, whereas many other organic mattresses with latex fall into the medium to firm range.

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Comfort is essential to a good sleep.

AS1 is 10 inches thick for a firmer feel, AS2 to AS4 are 12 inches, and AS5 is 14 inches with an extra soft layer to give it its ultra plush profile. Below, I'll describe the design of their most popular AS3 model, but the one you choose will be exactly the same.

  1. The first layer is 7 inches of thick, dense polyurethane foam for the bed's foundation.

  2. A 2-inch transition layer made of basic poly foam to help soften the dense feel of the first layer.

  3. A 3-inch top layer of Amerisleep's Bio-Pur memory foam that includes plant-based oils and helps regulate temperature better than the traditional memory material from back in the day.

  4. A machine washable cover that you can easily zip off and throw in the washing machine.

I was pleasantly surprised that an Amerisleep mattress has a machine washable cover. While it may seem easy, most of the mattresses I've tested have to be spot cleaned.

The AS2 Amerisleep mattress, AS3 and AS5 all have pocketed coil base layers with firm coils around the edges for edge support reinforcement. They also include the same Bio-Pur memory foam used in the original Amerisleep mattresses. However, AS2 and AS5, although both have an extra layer at the top to make it feel more rigid or soft (depending on which you choose). Below is a breakdown of the AS3 Hybrid mattress:

  1. A thin layer of foam to give the coils a solid foundation and add sturdiness.

  2. A layer of pocketed coils that, as I mentioned above, are extra supportive around the edges to ensure you don't feel like you're falling off.

  3. A layer of Bio-Pur memory foam, made from plant-based materials and open-celled for greater airflow, is applied.

  4. The Amerisleep Hybrid mattresses also come with machine washable covers.

Natural and organic mattresses have antimicrobial properties, are hypoallergenic and are safer to sleep on than your standard mattresses. They are also made more sustainably, making them more conducive to the environment. The Amerisleep Organica mattress is 13 inches thick and is laid in the following ways:

  1. The pocketed coil layer is constructed from 1 inch of natural Dunlop latex foam.

  2. The next layer is a thick 8-inch pocketed coil system with firmer coils around the perimeter to provide excellent edge support.

  3. The comfort layer is 3 inches of natural Talalay Latex, which feels bouncy, dense, and supportive.

  4. To finish off the mattress, there's 14-inch of fluffy, premium wool from New Zealand.

  5. To wrap the mattress, we've used a tufted, soft organic cotton cover that's certified to the Global Organic Textile Standard.

Mattress Amerisleep is a memory foam mattress. The Amerisleep Hybrid mattresses are light in weight and feel more like regular memory foam than the alternative. The foam takes longer to bounce back to normal once you switch positions, and the soft Amerisleep mattresses will be able to hug your body more comfortably than standard foam mattresses. When I'm on my side and they contour to your hips and shoulders, AS3 through AS5 are particularly helpful.

Hybrid Amerisleep mattresses are hybridized. Still have a pressure-relieving memory foam feel, but it's smaller and more responsive than foam models. This is owing to the springy coils that sit on the bottom of the mattress. It's more of a mix between neutral foam and memory foam.

Mattresses like the Amerisleep Organica mattress are available in different sizes. With the ultimate springy abilities of pocketed coils and latex combined, responsive and bouncy moves up a notch. If your kids like a bouncy mattress, this one would be oh so cute. It bounces immediately back to pressure, making it very easy to switch positions. It's also supportive, and you don't sink into the foam like you do on the original Amerisleep mattress models. I also believe that the wool in the top layer helps contribute to the pressure relief offered by this mattress, which isn't as common with latex foam mattresses.

Motion isolation is a problem with motion isolation. Motion separation is not advisable.

Memory foam is notoriously good at separating motion, and the foam Amerisleep mattresses take the crown. That's not to say that the hybrid Amerisleep mattress models have poor motion isolation capabilities. The slightly less effective motion isolation is easy to overlook if you need the extra support they provide. Due to the nature of the materials, the Organica Amerisleep mattress may cause some movement.

Edge support is now available to all Edge users.

The mattresses with the strongest edges were the hybrids, like Amerisleep Organica. They all have firmer, stronger coils around the perimeter specifically to aid in edge support. I could see the difference between the rubber and the plastic models. The Amerisleep memory foam mattresses don't leave you feeling bloated or unsupported, but there is more give around the edge.


Although the memory foam in the Amerisleep mattresses and Amersleech Hybrids doesn't retain heat like the classic material, they will remain temperature neutral. I think the Amerisleep Organica sleeps the best because it's more breathable. Latex foam is perforated, which means there are tiny holes all over the foam, allowing for more airflow. The Organica mattress, on the other hand, isn't going to be as cool to the touch as other cooling mattresses I've tested.

Who is it for?

Your ideal Amerisleep mattress will rely heavily on your body type and sleeping position. Personally, I liked AS3 because it has a good middle-ground firmness level for when I sleep on my side or stomach.

People under 230 pounds will be comfortable on almost any Amerisleep mattress. Keep in mind that the more you weigh, the softer a mattress will be. So, if you weigh 150 pounds, these beds may be firmer than I described.

If you're over 230 pounds, I recommend one of the hybrid mattresses from Amerisleep. They'll be more supportive in the long run and last longer than a foam mattress, which is important when you're spending hundreds of dollars on.

Side sleepers are side sleeper who are comfortable on their backs. As3, AS4 and AS5 will most likely be the most appropriate options for side sleepers. Folks over 230 pounds who sleep on their side may also like the Amerisleep Organica mattress, but petite side sleepers may want to stay away from that one.

Back and stomach sleepers and back and belly sleeper's The firmer mattresses for back and stomach sleepers are the best Amerisleep mattresses. Go with the AS1, AS2, AS3, or Organica bed. They all have sufficient spinal support to keep your back from sinking into the memory foam.

Combination sleepers are available. : Honestly, AS3 was created for people like you (and me). It's Amerisleep' s most popular option, and it'll fit into almost any sleeping position. If you like the feel of a natural and organic mattress, Amerisleep Organica is also ok. It's a bit on the firmer side, but I don't think you'll mind if you don"t spend 'a lot of time on your side'.

Price Comparison Price

The price for your Amerisleep mattress will depend on the mattress you choose. In this case, the softer the mattress, and the more expensive it is.

Prices for the AS1 start at $850 and go up to $1,400 for a king size. The AS3 costs approximately $1,100 for a twin and about $1700 for an king. The most expensive model, the AS5 Amerisleep mattress, costs $1,800 for a twin and $2,300 for an king. With that said, with the promotions they're running, you'll typically see a reduction of up to 30%.

The hybrid models cost about $500 more than the foam ones (at the manufacturer's suggested retail price) and are a little more expensive if you pay full price. It's also not unusual to find a promotional for these hybrid beds, which can reduce the price by $500 for queen. So, with a discount, I'd say that the prices are reasonable and fair.

Since Amerisleep Organica is a natural and organic mattress, it is somewhat more expensive than the usual bed-in-a-box mattresses. Prices start at $1,400 for a twin and go up to $3,200 for split kings. You might have thought it, but they also offer coupons on this mattress. So, you can expect to pay anywhere from $400 to $800 off the retail price.

Trial and warranty are included.

If you've never purchased a bed-in-a-box mattress online before, the process may seem jarring to you. Amerisleep will ship you your mattress for free in a cardboard box. You'll have 100 nights to test the mattress out for yourself and see if it's comfortable for you. If you don't, contact customer service to initiate the refund process. You'll receive a 20-year warranty that's like an insurance policy for your mattress for those who keep the mattress.

The Amerisleep mattresses will emit a funky smell once you take them out of the box, but it's not causing you any concern unless you've got an extra sensitive nose. In about a day or so, the smell will disappear. It's a new car smell, but it'll be compared to regaining traction on waking up to the smell. The Amerisleep Organica mattress, on the other hand, smells more earthy than any other mattress. You shouldn't notice any unpleasant smell when you unbox it due to its natural and organic materials.

The final verdict will be decided on Monday.

Amerisleep has a large mattress catalog, with soft, firm, and everything in between. I like how they cover all the bases and make it so that they have a mattress option for almost every sleeper -- even environmentally-friendly ones. These beds have a lot of advantages and few cons, unless you hate memory foam or are on thier limit. If you're not sure, I'd say give it a go and follow their 100-night trial if you don't see the value.

If you want to know more, please contact me.

  • Memory foam is a great product for memory foam lovers.
  • You want an easy-to-clean cover (removable and machine washable).
  • You sleep on your side, back, stomach, or a combination of these positions.
  • You weigh under or over 230 pounds (foam and hybrid options)
  • You have allergies (Organica mattress)
  • You value eco-friendly and sustainable products (Organica mattress)
  • You want a bed with excellent edge support (Amerisleep Hybrid mattresses)

If you are a beginner, you may find it hard to follow.

  • You don't like the hugging, contouring feel of memory foam, but you do like it's softness and its comfort.
  • You want to spend less than $800 on a brand new mattress.

The information contained in this article is intended for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as medical advice or as a substitute for medical treatment. Consult a physician or other qualified health provider regarding any questions you may have about severities of arteries or health goals.

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