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Tyler Bertuzzi, an energetic Tyler, calms Red Wings worries about his return from back surgery

Tyler Bertuzzi, an energetic Tyler, calms Red Wings worries about his return from back surgery

Tyler Bertuzzi is easing worries about how quickly he will recover from a back surgery and return to being the productive, slick, and efficient player whose work illustrative career for the Detroit Red Wings.

Bertuzzi is tied for the NHL lead with five goals, has six points, and has a plus-minus rating (plus-7).

He's winning loose-puck battles, engaged physically, and getting in opponents' faces, helping his team get off to a 2-0-1 start.

He looks exactly the same as he did before the operation.

Coach Jeff Blashill said, He looks like he has a lot of energy." Hes been on pucks. Hes always been a junkyard dog in terms of how he plays, but if ehe is skating well, thatd be great.

Youve got a lot of different people who have had major back surgeries and sometimes the damage is more severe than others, and so you dont know, he added.

Bertuzzi has scored 10 goals and 13 points in just 12 games since the start of the season.

Bertuzzi stated, We're really happy, adding, "everyone is really excited." An excellent start for the club, showing confidence and scoring goals. It's been a long road since I left the country last year, but it'll be nice to be back. Were playing really well now.

Dylan Larkin had hoped to be reunited with Bertuzzi, and it appears he has, with three goals, two assists, in two games.

Bertuzzi stated, "Dyl is our engine." He brings speed, energy, and leadership. Last night, it showed in a 4-1 victory over Columbus. Its going to continue to shine throughout the rest of the season. The guys rely on him and hes a big part of this team, said Smith.

Lucas Raymond, a rookie, looks like he could be able to be an integral part of the team at age 19. He scored his first goal on Tuesday and has two assists while playing alongside Larkin and Bertuzzi.

Raymond is intelligent, has a lot of energy, according to Bertuzzi. Hes a goal-scorer and that s what they do. They just find safe spots and look for open ice. Me or Dyl or someone or something or somebody will find him, and hell start scoring a lot. Hes just a wonderful player. Hes fast and very smart.

The Red Wings have been solid before 6-2-0 in 2016-17, 4-1-0 in 2017-18, and 3-1-0 for 2019-20 - but have each season missed the playoffs. Bertuzzi said this start feels different.

We got a lot of young guys with incredibly high energy, and I think that makes the older guys have amazingly high levels of energy as well, he added. Its nice to see them enjoying themselves and playing good hockey and in the NHL, and itll be great to watch them relax. It just makes everyone want to work harder and play harder, work more together, and work together more effectively.

Just having a good Bertuzzi should make measurable difference.

Blashill believes that Bert is a great hockey player. When he first came to play for me in Grand Rapids in the playoffs (2014), a junior, and stepped right in, which was incredibly frustrating for the first two games, as I remember, when we went down 0-2 and won the series 3-2 against Toronto. Hes someone I think is the type of player you want on your team. He does a lot of things well. He's a good defensive player. He goes to the net hard, he wins puck fights, and il has talent.

Because of Bertuzzi's refusal to be vaccinated for COVID-19, the Red Wings will miss him during their next nine games in Canada. The first game he is ineligible for is Saturday in Montreal.

Ill be cheering on the guys from home and then Im going to be back with them on Sunday (in Chicago), Bertuzzi stated.

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