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On Wednesday, Oct. 20 in Michigan, a 2-day total of 7,108 new coronavirus cases, 135 deaths, and 78 new cases were confirmed

On Wednesday, Oct. 20 in Michigan, a 2-day total of 7,108 new coronavirus cases, 135 deaths, and 78 new cases were confirmed

For the days of Tuesday, Oct. 19 and Wednesday, October 20, health officials in Michigan reported a two-day total of 7,108 new confirmed coronavirus cases and 135 confirmed COVID-19 deaths.

Of the newly reported deaths, 78 were late additions identified by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services through a vital records review, which suggests they occurred outside of the dates reported today.

Michigan has an average of 3,415 cases and 41 deaths per day for the last seven days. The seven-day average in cases had declined for four straight reporting periods dating back to Oct. 13. The weekly average reported on Monday was 3,638 reported cases and 37 new confirmed deaths per day.

Since the outbreak, 1,090,021 coronavirus infections and 21,609 confirmed deaths have been reported. Furthermore, the state has reported 139,035 probable cases and 1,408 probable deaths, in which a physician and/or antigen test declared it COVID-19, but no confirmatory PCR test, which detects the presence of bacterial infection, was conducted.

Below is a graph that shows the seven-day average for new cases reported each day throughout the pandemic. (Cant see the chart? Click here to download the PDF.)

State data show 63,3% of eligible residents have received at least a single dose of COVID-19 vaccine. So far, 58.9 percent of the population is fully vaccinated. The numbers have remained constant for the last week.

Below is a map that shows vaccination rates by county for the 12 and older population. (Cant see the chart? Click here.)

As of Friday, Oct. 15, hospitals across the nation were treating 2,225 adult patients with COVID-19 confirmed or suspected cases and 22 children. 553 patients were in the ICU, including 292 on ventilators.

12.8% of the 67,163 diagnostic tests performed between Monday and Tuesday were positive. Between Wednesday, Oct. 13 and Tuesday, October 19, 266,328 tests were processed, of which 11.4% returned positive.

Cant see the chart? Click here to learn more.

Every county in Michigan has reported at least one new COVID-19 case. Wayne County is the state's most populous county, with 909 new cases, followed by Oakland County (659), Kent County (641), and Macomb County (541).

Keweenaw County ranked third in the state in new cases per capita, with 293,3 cases for each 100,000 residents.

Forty-six of Michigan's 83 counties reported at least one new death. Wayne County had 15 deaths, followed by 12 in Oakland County, nine in Genesee County and nine more in Kent County.

The chart below shows new cases for the last 30 days based on symptoms' onset. Because of the lag between people getting sick and obtaining a confirmed coronavirus test result, the numbers for the most recent days are incomplete in this graph, which can take up to 1-2 weeks to complete.

You can look up a county map, and you can hover your cursor over sand to see the date and number of cases.

Since August, Michigans daily average of reported COVID deaths has been on the rise, which may be expected given case trends that follow by a few weeks.

At the end of September, the average person died more than 30 times per day, which is the highest level since early June. For context, all of July was spent in the single digits, and the late 2020 surge surpassed 110 deaths per day.

Below is a graph that shows the states seven-day average for COVID-19 deaths per day over the course of the epidemic. Cant see the chart below? Click here to view the full report.

Visit MLives coronavirus data page for more state data.

To locate a testing site near you, visit the states online test find, send an email to, or call 888-535-6136 between 8 am. and 5 p.m. on weekdays.


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