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Finn Bottas Won The First Race Of The Formula 1 Season

Finn Bottas Won The First Race Of The Formula 1 Season

The Formula 1 World Championship season has started in Austria. The winner of the Grand Prix was the Finnish Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas, and the race itself turned out to be eventful.

Waiting for the start of the season dragged on for a long four months. It was originally supposed to traditionally start in March in Australia, but the coronavirus pandemic intervened. The management of Formula 1 faced a severe task-to spend the season in a complicated epidemiological situation. The complete cancellation of the championship was considered last because, in this case, both Formula 1 and the teams would lose a large amount of money, which could lead to irreversible consequences.

The main difficulty in resuming the season was the race calendar, which initially included a record 22 Grands Prix. Australia, Monaco, Azerbaijan, Singapore, Japan, the Netherlands, and France have already refused to hold stages due to the inability to organize them in the context of the pandemic. Stages in China, Bahrain, Vietnam, and Canada have been postponed indefinitely. At the moment, the management of Formula 1 has published a calendar of the first eight Grands Prix of the season, which will take place in Europe.

The future fate of the calendar is still not clear, the management announced plans to hold 15-18 races. Almost certainly there will be no stages in the United States, Brazil, and Mexico, where the situation with the coronavirus is quite severe, and it seems impossible to hold races in such a was said about the organization of two more stages in Italy, but on other tracks, in Portugal and Turkey. The Russian Grand Prix in Sochi, which was originally planned for September 25-27, is also in limbo: for several months, media reports about the Russian stage have varied: some claimed that Sochi Autodrom could host two stages, others that the race would be held on schedule, and others that it would be canceled altogether. The organizers of the Russian Grand Prix responded to all the rumors with one thing: "We continue to prepare for the stage as planned."

Another important issue was the introduction of changes to the rules for conducting stages in view of the coronavirus pandemic. It was important to minimize the risks of infection among the participants of the championship. In particular, it was decided to hold the first eight races without spectators, with a minimum number of accredited journalists, while in the paddock, all must wear masks, in the course of work, team employees are forced to observe a social distance, changes were made to some racing procedures and the award ceremony. All participants of the championship will regularly undergo tests for coronavirus.

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