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Republicans Said They Would Hold A Convention In Florida, Despite The Pandemic

Republicans Said They Would Hold A Convention In Florida, Despite The Pandemic

Republicans intend to hold part of the events of the party Congress in the US State of Florida, despite the rapid spread of a new coronavirus on its territory. The official representative of the Republican National Committee (RNC), Mike Reid, told CNN on Sunday.

As he assured, this political forum will be held "in full accordance with the instructions of the local authorities." Its participants will be regularly measured temperature; they will be tested for virus infection. Besides, the premises where the Republican events will be held will be regularly disinfected. Reid pointed out that the Convention is still "almost two months away."

Earlier on Sunday, the head of the Food and drug administration, part of the US Department of health and human services, Stephen Hahn, said that there is not enough data to decide whether it is safe to hold Republican Convention events in Florida in light of the pandemic.

Florida is one of the American States where there is a rapid spread of coronavirus. Over the past day, the number of cases of infection on its territory has increased by almost 10 thousand, to 200.1 thousand.

The Republican Convention is scheduled for August 24-27. Its main events are expected to be held in the cities of Jacksonville (Florida) and Charlotte (North Carolina). It is expected that in Jacksonville, US President Donald Trump will announce that he agrees to be the Republican candidate for the upcoming presidential election.

According to Johns Hopkins University, which conducts calculations based on information from Federal and local authorities, more than 2.85 million cases of coronavirus infection were detected in the United States, and more than 129.7 thousand people died.

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