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Iran Has Recorded A Record Number Of Deaths Due To Coronavirus Per Day

Iran Has Recorded A Record Number Of Deaths Due To Coronavirus Per Day

The number of deaths due to a new type of coronavirus in Iran increased by 163 per day and exceeded 11.5 thousand. This news was announced on Sunday by the head of the Department of Public Relations of the Ministry of Health Sima Sadat Lari.

"The number of new cases of coronavirus infection in the country was 2,560, the total number of infected reached 240,438," the ISNA News Agency quoted her as saying. Lari added that " over the past 24 hours, 163 patients have died in Iran, and the total number of fatalities has reached 11,571."

According to the Ministry of health, 201,330 people recovered, and 1,794,727 tests for coronavirus were conducted in the country. According to Lari, the most critical situation is in the provinces of Khuzestan, West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Hormozgan, Bushehr, Razavi Khorasan, and Ilam.

Against the background of the aggravation of the situation with coronavirus, the Iranian authorities have introduced the mandatory wearing of masks in public places since July 5. "The mask should be used for people of all ages and become a mandatory attribute when leaving the house," said Lari.

According to official statistics, the number of people infected per day reached a peak on March 30 and then began to decline and fell to a minimum (802), but after May 3, this figure began to grow again, and on June 4 reached a record high of 3,574. At the same time, the Ministry of Health reports that the second wave of the pandemic in the country has not yet begun.

Since April 11, the Iranian authorities have been gradually lifting the measures imposed in connection with the pandemic. Most of the residents have returned to work, shopping centers, hairdressers and restaurants are functioning, restrictions on movement between provinces by private vehicles have been lifted, and mosques have been opened in many cities.

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