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Twitter Will Remove The Words "Master," "Slave," And "Blacklist" From The Program Code

Twitter Will Remove The Words "Master," "Slave," And "Blacklist" From The Program Code

The social network Twitter intends to remove the words master, slave, blacklist, as well as several other terms that may contain an indication of race or gender or be offensive to some group of the population, from the program code, as well as exclude their use in work practice, according to a message from the company's engineering Department, posted on Twitter on Thursday.

"Inclusive language plays a critical role in fostering an environment where everyone belongs.," the message reads.

Not only terms in the code will be reviewed, but also in internal documents, work instructions, and accompanying notes. "Words have meaning in our meetings, in our conversations, in our documents. We know that we need to do a lot of work, but we are ready for it," - said in an appeal to users of the social network.

Earlier, a number of American publications announced the revision of the rules for writing and using words under the influence of the movement "Black Lives Matters" in the United States. The Associated Press and the New York Times, for example, have decided to capitalize on the word black when it refers to black people.

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