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Embassy sent out of Belarus - AFP

Embassy sent out of Belarus - AFP

The French ambassador has been ordered out of Belarus and has already left the country, according to the French news agency AFP, citing the embassy in Minsk. PARIS, Oct 17, (AFP) -- The ambassador of France has now been banned from Belarus.

It did not state why the ambassador, Nicolas de Bouillane de Lacoste, had been expelled. Minsk has recalled its ambassador to Paris, Igor Fesenko, according to bielorussian media.

However, the embassy had stated on its website that Lacoste on Wednesday hosted representatives of the recently banned non-governmental organization Govori Pravdu (Tell the Truth), including its co-leader Andrey Dmitriev, one of last year's presidential candidates.

The Foreign Ministry of Belarus's and France'', as well as the embassy of France, were not immediately available for comment.

Relations between EU member states and Belarus have been at a low since President Alexander Lukashenko won re-election last year in op-tions the opposition said was tampering, and the government has cracked down on the movement, detaining all of its top figures or sending them into exile.

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