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Kalamazoo invests $109 million on proprietary chemicals to decrease the smell of biosolids

Kalamazoo invests $109 million on proprietary chemicals to decrease the smell of biosolids

The city of Kalamazoo is investing $109,200 in chemicals that will help reduce odors from biosolids.

At its Oct. 18 business meeting, the Kalamazoo City Commission approved a contract with Solterra Group, LLC to purchase the odor suppressant chemicals.

The City of Kalamazoo Water Reclamation Plant first tested the Solterra odor suppressant chemical in 2019 to reduce odours from biosolids hauling operations. The city has also tested other chemicals and technologies to reduce biosolids odors in the past few years, according to Public Services Director James Baker.

Solterras product has been effective in reducing odors in the biosolids and fine screen areas of the wastewater treatment plant during the trial period, according to the agenda packet, and the use of chemicals has decreased the occurrence of noxious smell complaints from landfills receiving bio solids. The city of Kalamazoo agenda packet states, "The odor suppressant chemical is a proprietary formulation only provided by Solterra Group, LLC."

Baker said the city has been testing the chemicals in its biosolids storage bays, during loading and truck transportation, for about a year.

The exact formula is proprietary, but it is classified as an industrial odor suppressant, Baker said.

Baker spoke briefly about the issue after a caller asked for it to be moved from the consent agenda to the regular agenda.

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