Readers will understand that inclusion isn't exclusive

Readers will understand that inclusion isn't exclusive ...

People who believe these movements go too far have a backlash against the inclusiveness that spawned #MeToo, revitalize Black Lives Matter, and helped to create inroads for the LGBTQ community. They hear Black Lives Matter and think it means black Live Matters More. They believe that accepting of others is equivalent to exclusion of some, but these movements are about stifling exclusivity.

Donald Trump has tried to make racism, misogyny, and xenophobia not only acceptable, but also desirable, by attempting to combine them with other measures. No wonder his supporters feel slighted when progressive values return to the forefront. This backlash isnt confined to conservative groups, whose euphemisms of family values and America first have long been regarded as dog whistles for racism and xenophobia. Many of them would never support Trump, but consider themselves outsiders. Theyve come up with a term to give themselves political cover: cancel culture.

Jon Gruden's resignation is prompted by his hateful beliefs, and those who believe in his views can cry "cancel culture" and paint over the racism, homophobia, or misogyny that led to his resignation. I fear this backlash will be a reasonable alternative, promoting hate and fear while presenting it as make America great. Rooting out racism, homophobia, and misogyny isnt a "cancellculture", its enlightenment. Those who wish to maintain their centuries-long practice of dominion over others will continue to fight to override public opinion. Jan. 6, it was clarified. Lets not allow it to happen again in November 2022.

Matt Emrich, Cottage Grove, Matte Emreich,

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