44 Things That Make You Feel Really Bougie (But Cost Less Than $35)

44 Things That Make You Feel Really Bougie (But Cost Less Than $35) ...

It's nice to take a luxurious treat once in... but living the good life without going bankrupt isn't easy. These products will make you feel utterly bouncy (but they are less than $35), so you can pamper yourself even if you have champagne taste and a beer budget.

Sure, you could simply wash your skin at the end of a long day or you might turn your bathroom into essentially 'a spa', pour yourself sipped hot cocoa, and get glowing with luxurious skincare products like tannic peels made with wine extracts that will cost you less than $30. After you've treated your skin, slip your feet into a pair of faux fur slippers with sprung memory foam inside (which you can find on this list for ten times the price of luxury brands), and curl up under settee with 10 heat settings for customizable comfort.

From opulent Hollywood-style vanity mirror lights to a juicer that gives you control over the amount of pulp in your OJ, these smart and luxurious products make you feel like royalty. Shop this list and prepare to live the high life without the astronomical price tag.

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