5 'YOU' Season 4 Theories About What's Next For Joe

5 'YOU' Season 4 Theories About What's Next For Joe ...

Joe and Loves happily ever after is, unsurprisingly, more of a nightmare for YOU. Though Season 3 begins with the murderous couple newly engaged and settling down in Madre Linda with their infant son, things quickly unravel, leading to affairs and an ever greater number of dead bodies. The two attempt to get together in couples therapy to work through their issues, but the rift between them eventually proves insurmountable.

Joe prepares to leave Love and run away with his librarian boss Marienne in the finale. Love tries to temporarily paralyze him with wolfs bane, trying to get things settled. Joe is one step ahead of her. She is immediately injected with a fatal dose of poison, having already taken the antidote. Afterward, he creates a fake suicide note from Love, which blames Natalie and Gil, Cary and Sherry's detention, and, surprise, Joe'' himself for the murders. (To convince people that hes gone, Joe burns their house down and horrifically cuts off two of his toes to bake into a pie.)

Joe, once again a free man, returns to Paris and establishes he owns his own identity to hunt for Marienne, whos been warned about Joe by Love. Fans already have a couple theories about what this will mean forYOU Season 4.

Joe Will Return to New York to join Joe and Joe will return to the city.

Joes obsession with Beck and the deaths of Peach and Beck in New York are heavily revisited in the teaser trailer for YOU Season 4. Is it possible that Joes many crimes will finally catch up to him in Season 4, requiring him to return to his roots?

Joe Joe Ellie Will Track Down Joe

After killing journalist Delilah in Season 2, Love wanted to implicate Delileas sister, Ellie, in Hendersons death. Joe intervened and sent Ellie off. In Season 3, we find out that Joe has continued to send Ellie money. But faking his own death and moving to Paris may make it harder for him to contact her. Ellie would be a better sleuth than her sister and track Joe down.

Joe Will Be Moving to Florida

Although YOU Season 3 differed markedly from Caroline Kepnes third YOU book, You Love Me, the fourth season may still incorporate the novel's ending. Joe relocates to Florida, where he opens a bar-slash-bookstore. Joes book comes to an end when a customer walks in and spots his attention. Is it possible that the person who can finally stop Joe is located in Florida? Or will he continue to repeat his pattern of stalking and murder no matter where i go?

Marienne Will Take Joe Down Joe

Joes love interests usually die, so it seems fitting that Season 3 ends with Marienne still alive. Not only does she know that Joe is bad news, but she has a daughter that shell protect as well. If Joe meets Marienne, we'll see her rise to the occasion and take him out. Her being the final girl would be a fitting inversion of Joes own story. Marienne, on the other hand, was never a serial killer, so hes always defended his actions by saying that if u had dreadful childhood, mr.

Joe Will Find a New Obsession in Paris

Joe may also discover a new woman to terrorize in Paris. One Reddit user joked that Joes next victim might be Emily, the American influencer from Netflix acclaimed series Emily in Paris. Emily, if you notice an eight-toed man huffing around, just say you hate reading and move on.

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