Zendayas New Bangs Are The Most Perfect Fall Haircuts, Saying "New Bang"

Zendayas New Bangs Are The Most Perfect Fall Haircuts, Saying "New Bang" ...

To get bangs or not to get a bange? If youre thinking about this age-old beauty issue and are unsure about making the commitment to get this season's hottest hair trend, Zendaya' s bangs might be your guide. The Dune actress donned her new haircut while walking the red carpet at the London Film Festival on October 16 and she looked absolutely stunning.

Zendayas slender bangs gently graze over her eyebrows, which she combines with loose waves for a chic look. She wore a Vivienne Westwood crop top made entirely of chains and sported 'a brown and white gingham-inspired midi wrap skirt. The whole look is giving modern medieval vibes, and who isnt loving it right now?

The Euphoria actor has not previously used bangs in his productions. Zendaya has worn bangs with everything from an afro to mullet, proving that she is able to style them with almost any haircut or style and rock it each and every time. Does this make her the patron saint of bangs? If that turned out to be the case, nobody would be able to complain.

While bangs may be a controversial style, more and more celebs are turning to this haircut to change their appearance. From Zendaya to Miley Cyrus, there are so many people to take some serious bangs inspo from. If youre still deciding whether or not to get bangs, this is your signal to do so. Not convinced yet? You may always go faux or try them on virtually. Even if you don't like a chop, there are plenty of ways to style around it (and hair always grows back).

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