5 Bob Haircuts With Bangs For All Hair Types 5 Hairstyles with Bang For Hair Like Them

5 Bob Haircuts With Bangs For All Hair Types 5 Hairstyles with Bang For Hair Like Them ...

If youve considered getting a bob or bangs (or maybe both) dozens of times but changed your mind just as many times, maybe nows the time to finally give the cropped hairstyle pause. For someone tired of their current style and looking to switch things up, a bob haircut with bangs is the ideal combination of timeless and trendy. The bob is a classic shape that looks great on dozens of hair types, says Shelly Aguirre, whose business is located in Chicago. Adding a fringe to this classic cut can be creative and fun, says the designer.

However, be aware that this shorter cut does not necessarily translate to less styling. Kylee Heath, a celebrity hairstylist and R+Co Collective member, says if you have long hair thats low maintenance, including long bangs, it may take adjusting until you figure out how to wear it. According to Michelle Sultan, a brand ambassador and creative director for hair care brand Imbue, your hair type and texture will determine how easy or difficult it is to style. However, despite the challenges, Aguirre believes that lots of hair textures can add to the look, and working with your stylist can assist you in determining whats best for you based on how much time and effort youre willing to invest in your style.

There are many variations of the bob haircut with bangs that will suit not only your hair type and texture, but also your lifestyle. Five bob hairstyles with fringe to help you start your new cut are now available.

1. The Blunt Bob With Bangs is a new album from The Bob with Bang's.

Blunt is always a classic hairstyle choice. A blunt fringe looks great if the hair texture allows it, according to Aguirre, noting that a blunt bob is ideal for someone with shorter hair. Heath advises that if you have curly hair and are interested in wearing your bob more straight, be prepared to put a little work in with styling.

If your hair isnt naturally straight, achieving a sleek, smooth finish may require blow-drying or heat styling your locks to highlight the blunt ends and straight-across cut, so Heath suggests starting with spritzing emoji like the R+Co One Prep Spray through the strands. This will ensure your style lasts longer while also protecting it from heat, which is extremely important, especially with bangs, Heath says. Your hair in the front is generally [silver], so you must protect it, he added. If you have wavy or thick hair and want to try this straight bob cut without the styling time, Aguirre suggests asking your stylist about a smoothing keratin treatment.

2. The Curly Bob With Bangs Is The Bob with Bang's Curl.

A curly bob with bangs is an effortlessly cool look thats well worth the extra effort it might take to style. Some people have cowlicks, low hairlines, widows peaks, or more than one type of curl on their head, Sultan elaborates. This all impacts how the style will be cut and should be considered as an additional consideration when choosing this look, says the designer. Sultan states that its critically important to ensure that the stylist cutting your hair truly understands hair growth patterns, curl type, and density.

If youre after a free-flowing, touchable finish, Sultan suggests that you use sulfate-free shampoo to cleanse hair without drying it, and opt for lightweight styling products that allow for the natural cut pattern to take form, such as the Pattern Styling Cream or Imbue Curl Inspiring Conditioning Leave-In Spray. Lightweight formulas are also ideal for a haircut that touches the face because you dont want your strands to feel greasy or for any heavy products to block pores on your forehead.

3. The Bob With Baby Bangs

One easy way to change up the mood of your haircut is to experiment with the length of both your bangs and your bob. Heath loves one look at it! Baby bangs. If you have curly hair, a baby bang may be so simple and give you an automatic style, she adds. That said, be sure to ask your stylist what will work best for your hair type and face shape.

Of course, frequent trims would be necessary to maintain the length of micro bangs, so determining the correct length for the fringe is something youll want to discuss with your stylist. Whatever the shape you choose with your stylist, keeping up with the haircut will keep the look fresh, says Aguirre. Stock up on dry shampoo. Heath explains that bangs and dry shampoo make excellent friends.

4. The Layered Bob With Bangs

If youre looking for a cut that's more versatile, consider layers and sanding such as sweeping bangs or tufts. Although this bob cut may need a refresh every now and then, adding fringe with face-framing layers makes the growth-out process smoother and, in general, requires less maintenance. Aguirre says a bob with layers is ideal for those with wavy, thick hair to avoid the boxy look. If you want to change the texture of your bob, Aguirre recommends using a curling iron and texture spray to improve the overall look of this classic shape.

5. Bob The Air-Dried Bob With Bangs

Heaths favorite methods to wear a bob with bangs is through sizing that softer and more in the middle, allowing it to stay put right out of the shower. An air-dried bob with bangs looks so cute, Heath says, adding that it may need a few subtle tweaks with saran or hammer, but its worth the effort. Heath suggests combing the hair while its wet, then scrunching in a curl or air-dry cream and allowing the scalp time to dry, or diffusing it on .

The great thing about a bob is that you can have dozens of different looks within one haircut straight and sleek to wavy and textured, Aguirre adds. Bottom line, have fun and dont overthink it.

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