Need a laugh? Here are the 55 most hilarious questions to ask Alexa

Need a laugh? Here are the 55 most hilarious questions to ask Alexa ...

Have you exhausted the stand-up comedy category on Netflix and still want something to make you laugh? Look no further than that Amazon Echo you have lying around.

Give Alexa a break from turning on the TV and listening to music. Instead, use your Echo device to distract you when you're feeling tired with amusing jokes, stories, and interesting trivia. Alexa can tell you Star Wars quotes, yo mama quotes and even some intriguing trivia facts. Not to mention, it can keep the kids entertained while you're busy.

Here's a list of 55 questions you can ask Alexa to beat boredom -- and perhaps even crack snicker.

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Jokes are a favorite among teenagers.

If you simply ask, Alexa will tell you a joke -- just say "Alexa, tell me..." You may, of course, ask more specific questions for a bit of laughter.

  • Alexa, can you tell me a "yo mama" joke?
  • What if you step on a Lego, Alexa?
  • Do aliens exist? Alexa, do they exist or do alien species exist?"
  • Alexa, I've got 99 problems.
  • Alexa, how was your day?
  • Alexa, how high can you count?
  • Alexa, what's the value of pi?
  • Alexa, what do you think about Cortana?
  • Alexa, is your refrigerator running?
  • Why is six afraid of seven, Alexa?
  • Alexa, do you have any pets?
  • Alexa, do you believe in ghosts?
  • Alexa, are you blue?
  • Alexa, I like big butts.
  • Alexa, why did the chicken cross the road?
  • Alexa, how much do you weigh?
  • Alexa, can you give me some cash?
  • Inigo Montoya, my name is Inimo Montuyo, I'm Alexa.
  • Do you have a Siri or Alexa?
  • Alexa, I'm your father.
  • Alexa, do you know the muffin man?
  • Alexa, how old are you?
  • Alexa, testing 1, 2, 3.
  • Alexa, what do you want to be when you are old enough to ask yourself that question?
  • Alexa, are we in the Matrix?
  • Alexa, you can't be serious!
  • Chuck Norris?
  • Alexa, do you like pizza?
  • Alexa, are you married?
  • Alexa, can you sing in autotune?
  • Alexa, do you like me?
  • Alexa, give me a kiss.
  • Alexa, make me a sandwich.
  • Alexa, what do you want to be when you grow up?
  • Alexa, what's your favorite color?
  • Alexa, will you marry me?
  • Alexa, can you tell me a Star Wars joke?
  • Alexa, may you please talk to Yoda?
  • Alexa, can you rap?
  • Who is on first place? Alexa, who is the first?
  • Alexa, winter is coming.
  • Alexa, beam me up.

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Trivia Trilogy Trivivia trivia

Alexa isn't only chock-full of jokes, but it also knows tons of trivia. Here are some suggestions for answering.

  • Alexa, can you please tell me a random fact?
  • Alexa, can you tell me a movie fact?
  • Alexa, what are some interesting facts about history?
  • Alexa, what are some interesting sports facts?
  • Alexa, what are some facts about the US government?
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Entertain the kids.

If your children constantly complain they're tired, Alexa can make them laugh for hours with these fun questions.

  • Alexa, can you please entertain me?
  • Alexa, can you please meow?
  • Alexa, can you please bark?
  • Alexa, may we play an animal game?
  • Alexa, can you tell me a story?
  • Alexa, who took the cookie from the jar?
  • Alexa, do you like green eggs and ham?
  • Alexa, can you read me a Kindle book? (It will read the last book you downloaded to your account.)

Have any fun questions for Alexa? Tell us what you think in the comments. Here are five surprising uses for your Amazon Echo, as well as six Alexa abilities you can try with your amazon Echo today.

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