Apple gave us a MacBook Pro camera upgrade that remote workers have been asking for for months

Apple gave us a MacBook Pro camera upgrade that remote workers have been asking for for months ...

During Apple's October Unleashed event, the company revealed a new camera for its new 14-inch and 16-in MacBook Pro computers. The laptops are powered by new Apple Silicon chips dubbed M1 Pro and M1. Max. The most significant upgrade Apple made to its pro-level laptops would normally be the new processor and GPU. Many creative types, artists, photographers, and video editors however, rejoiced when Apple announced that the new MacBook Pro computers will include several enhancements that previous models had omitted. There's now a built-in SD card reader, physical hardware function row keys, and reversible MagSafe power charger.

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But one upgrade anyone who has used video chat on a MacBook Pro in the past 18 months was awaiting is an upgraded camera. Apple sent us one. The new camera has a larger aperture that allows in more light for revealing images. And the resolution has been bumped from 720p to 1,080p.

Apple stated that the camera's sensor has more "efficient pixels." I'm not entirely sure what that means. It could mean that the sensor is able to read data coming off of the pixels quicker. It may also be that there is a method of pixel binning going on to help improve detail and brightness.

The MacBook Pro's camera utilizes the ISP and neural engine on the M1 Pro and M1, Max to improve overall image quality. Apple claims that all of this results in darker skin tones and sharper images. When we get our hands on the new Macs, we're going to be able to try out the brand new camera.

During its October event, Apple also stated that the new MacBook Pro models have a notched display, but have ditched the Touch Bar. The tech giant also revealed its third-generation AirPods.

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